Pocket Charts and Music: Building Word Families

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Posted on Jul 25 2014 - 1:00am by Victoria
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This year we decided that we will be homeschooling throughout the year, so that it would give us a chance to really take our time and not rush through lessons.  One of the lessons that Kaelyn has definitely enjoyed the most and is excelling has been reading.  After learning many sight-words and word families, she has been reading up a storm.  One of her favorite ways to review her sight-words list is my spelling them out on her Pocket Chart.

Pocket Charts and Music: Building Word Families

We usually do this daily as a way to review her word families, rather than having her read them to me on flash cards.  Everyday I pick two family words we are going to review and it’s always a set of words we have already learned. This week we did the _an family and the _at family.

Pocket Charts and Music: Building Word Families

The easiest way to do these without having to purchase them is to create them yourself and it’s super easy to do.  Create them as a word document.  First create your ending sound and then in a different color create your first letter of the word.  I personally like to use pictures as well for Kaelyn, this will guide her in creating the correct word. You can either use clip arts or even magazine pictures.  A great way to make your cards last and re-use over and over again is to laminate them.  I absolutely LOVE my Scotch Thermal Laminator and don’t know what I would do without it!

Word Family Print Outs for Pocket Charts

As you can see in the picture I have already added the ending sounds to each word family on the pocket chart.  Her job now is to look at the word and figure out which beginning sound each word family needs to make sense with the picture I placed next to it.  If you think adding too many words at once might confuse your child, just take it a word at a time.

Pocket Charts and Music: Building Word Families

Make sure to check out my April Contributor Post about Pocket Charts & Music: Building Sentences!  It’s a great start to reading using word-families!

Word Family Review with Pocket Chart

Hope to see you next month when I share some great space saving ideas on how to store your pocket charts and materials!

How have you been using your Pocket Charts this month?

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