Belle’s Book Corner: Bugs and Insects

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Posted on Jul 1 2014 - 1:00am by Jill
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Welcome to the ninth month of my series inspired by the Beauty and the Beast character, Belle, called Belle’s Book Corner. This month we will be exploring the world of bugs and insects, but before we do we must first go on our journey… 

Once upon a time, in a land that was faraway, there lived a castle that was full of books. A woman who lived there, she called herself the Librarian, had cast a spell on the castle. All who entered this magical castle will watch their imaginations soar farther than ever before! This enchanted castle is where Belle’s Book Corner will meet the first of every month. What is the name and location of this enchanted castle you ask? Why your local library of course!   

Belle’s Book Corner Bugs and Insects 

I have tried since their birth to instill a love for books in both of my children. Just as you will see Belle wandering about her daily tasks while reading a book. That this is how most days you will find Beck and Elizabeth going through their days. I firmly believe that books can open a brand new magical world for all of those young and old readers. 

This month we are traveling through our magic mirror to visit our local library to find books all about the theme of bugs and insects! The coloring versions of the bookmarks are still a hit, so make sure to get this month’s free bookmark to help entice your child/student into their library adventure to search for bug and insect books. Make sure to also check out the July edition of the Neverland Summer Camp for more bug and insect themed learning fun for grades preschool through middle school. Then why not make a Glow in the Dark Fireflies craft

Glow in the Dark Fireflies Craft

Bugs and insects are everywhere. Whether your child is a fan of the creepy crawlers, or could do without them, I guarantee that the more they learn about the bugs and insects around them the more they will want to jump into even further research. The books I selected this month are fun so that whether your child is like my daughter Elizabeth who will grab and make friends with any bug or insect without a second thought or if your child is like my son Beck who well, let’s just say he would be much happier in a world without any bugs, these books are sure to be a hit this July in your household. 

I did consult my local librarian to make sure that the majority of these titles are well known and popular enough that most libraries will have copies available to borrow in their system. While visiting our local library children’s section recently we found this wonderful selection of bug and insect themed storybooks that we wanted to share with all of you: 

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To help make your child’s reading journey more fun, I invite you all to print out this month’s FREE Belle’s Book Corner bookmark: 

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Belles Book Corner July 2014 Bookmark

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Did your child find a bug or insect themed book of their own on their library adventure? Please share the title of the book and the author in the comment section of this post. I want to thank you all for following along with Belle’s Book Corner. This will be the last installment of this monthly series and you will be able to find a new monthly bookmark in the new series called the Months of the Year Printable Series. I hope that you all enjoy some magical reading adventures of your own in the month of July! 

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