August Summer Learning Fun With The Neverland Summer Camp

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Posted on Jul 15 2014 - 1:00am by Jill
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Think of a wonderful thought … any happy little thought and fly back towards the second star to the right for more continued fun with the Neverland Summer Camp with some fun themed activities from some of your favorite bloggers with the Neverland Summer Camp FREE interactive summer activity calendars! We hope that you all enjoyed June’s and July’s FREE interactive summer activities calendars to make summer learning fun.

Neverland Summer Camp

These Neverland Summer Camp Summer Activity Calendars are created by busy mom’s for busy mom’s that want to continue fun learning throughout the summer months, but do not want the hassle of coming up with themes, looking for resources, purchasing workbooks, and feeling overwhelmed, it is summer after all, right? Each month will be themed and between all of the co-hosts you will find resources that will engage your preschoolers through teens! 

Back to school will be here before you know it! But before the summer ends make sure to end your summer learning going on a rainforest adventure. 

Bringing you all the summer learning fun for the Neverland Summer Camp is a team of your favorite Neverland friends. It is our pleasure to fly you each month to the second star on the right and into the Neverland Summer Camp for your learning fun. Provided below, broken down by grade level, is an interactive list of activities of a wide variety to suit hopefully everyone’s needs as they participate, learn, and have fun here at the Neverland Summer Camp, where learning is brought to you through fun activities, arts, crafts, reading, you name it. Let the magical summer learning fun begin! 

Neverland Summer Camp The Rainforest

We have made each monthly calendar interactive so that whether you are going to print and plan the entire month in advance or simply fly like Tinkerbell by the seat of her pants on a daily basis, the process is easy. Please simply read the provided activity each day. If there is an article, activity, video, book, etc. involved in the activity you will find a clickable link or title to make your lessons that much easier! 

Make sure to visit the Neverland Summer Camp next month for a brand new theme where we leave the bugs and insects and head to the rainforest with FREE interactive activity calendars for August. 

My calendar is geared towards 3rd through 5th graders. In this calendar you will find art projects, storybooks to read that tie in with activities, and so much more! I tried to use materials that I already had on hand and that you will more than likely already have in your arts and crafts supply closets. However, I would suggest reviewing the lessons and gathering/purchasing your materials in advance so that you will be all prepared to have a rainforest adventure in August. 

August Summer Learning Fun With The Neverland Summer Camp

You will also notice that there are a lot of books intertwined with the lessons I selected. All year round I believe in instilling a love of reading in children, but when you push the core learning materials aside in favor of some Mermaid Lagoon swimming pool fun it can sometimes be a challenge to continue good reading habits during the children’s leisure time. To help make your shopping or library experience easier I have created a special section in my bookstore for the Neverland Summer Camp to make summer planning even easier! In the Enchanted Homeschooling Mom Bookstore you can find a special section just for the books used in this Neverland Summer Camp August calendar that will look like this: 

Hopefully this new FREE Rainforest Themed Neverland Summer Camp Activity Calendar will bring some learning fun into your households and classrooms this summer. After all, all it takes it a little faith, trust, and pixie dust to make learning fun! Would you like to calendar for FREE? Then simply click the link below. 

*By downloading this material you are agreeing to all my terms of use and disclosures that can be found HERE and HERE. You are not permitted to link directly to the PDF document itself. If you would like to share this free document with a friend please send them to this blog post to download their free copy. Thank you!  

Neverland Summer Camp 3rd to 5th Grade Calendar August 2014

As the hosts of the Neverland Summer Camp we all hope that you have enjoyed spending your summer learning with the Neverland Summer Camp. We wish you all a magical start to your new school year and hope to see you fly back this way next summer for more hands on summer learning fun! 

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