US State Study of the Week Weekly Series Internet Resources

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Posted on Jun 28 2014 - 1:00am by Jill
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Welcome to my list of internet resources that I plan to use in my US State Study of the Week Weekly Series.  As with any lesson plan, curriculum, unit or activity you may want to further the topic and themes with resources that you find on the internet.  Because I designed the US State Study of the Week Weekly Series to be used with any resource, be that printed, electronic, or other, you can use your favorite references, search the internet, visit your local library, or use any combination of these that fits your educational and teaching styles. This means that there is no set way to complete the research aspects of these lessons. This might even mean firing up your laptop, desktop, or tablet and searching away in the depths of the internet to find fun and useful resources to use alongside the US State Study of the Week Weekly Series. 

US State Study of the Week Series Internet Resources

The US State Study of the Week Weekly Series is a geography series that will introduce participants to a new state each week until all 50 states of the United States of America are explored.  Each week you will have the opportunity to learn about the state, its flower, its official state bird, various landmarks, and much, much more pertaining to each state. In addition to the 50 states there are also three weeks that focus on introducing the series, the regions of the U.S.A., and that focuses on the Great Lakes.  If you missed the previous US State Study of the Week Weekly Series Packs then please visit HERE to find them all in one convenient place.  Be sure to keep checking back each week for your next installment in the US State Study of the Week Weekly Series. 

To assist you with expanding your US State Study of the Week lessons through the use of the internet and other online resource I have compiled the following list of resources for you to use. 

Please note: I do not maintain these sites, so please be sure to visit them, evaluate them, and maybe even preload them prior to using them with your child or student. 

Marilyn’s 50 States Song

Some children learn how to memorize facts through the use of song. If you are you interested in learning all the 50 states by singing a song then you must try this fun song that signs all 50 states of the United States. I found this on YouTube: 


Looney Tunes  Wackko’s 50 State Capitols Song

For a fun song from the Animaniacs cartoon series of old where Wackko sings a fun song about all the states and their capitals, complete with the words shown I would recommend this fun YouTube find: 


Tour of the States – Official Music Video

For a truly inspirational music video about the states and their capitals, I highly recommend the ‘Tour the States’ from Brian Beats. The music is by Renald Francoer and it contains pictures being drawn as the musical lyrics are sung about the states and capitals.  You can find this fun state’s tour song on YouTube at: 


Postcards From America

Postcards from America is a fun site where you can learn a lot of information about the states from.  Each state is represented on this site. The information offered about each the states is varied, yet all seems to be fun to learn. 

Salt Dough Map

Salt Dough Maps are fun to make.  This informative How to Make a Salt Dough Map craft can be adapted to any state, landmark, or the entire United States themselves.  I plan to make a few of these over the course of our studies about the 50 States. 

Mr. Donn’s Social Studies Site

Need a lesson plan, game, activity, or to learn more about the 50 States? Then look no further than the 50 US States Lesson Plans, Games, and Activities from Mr. Donn’s Social Studies Site. This site has links for all 50 of the state that includes too much to list, so I will just say that he should have something to fill in a gap in any of your state’s studies. 

Wee Sing America

If you are a fan of the Wee Sing series then you will love their Wee Sing America edition.  This CD has all things patriotic included on it.  And it comes with all the words and lyrics to the songs as well.  At least one track is dedicated to the states so that you can learn the state names to a catchy beat. 

50 States

Are you looking for an easy way to look up information and facts about each state all on one site? Then make sure to check out to gather all of your information in one convenient location.

What internet resources do you plan to use on your US State Study of the Week Weekly Series learning adventure?


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