Sequin Bowls

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Posted on Jun 8 2014 - 1:00am by Ashley
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If you are looking for a super sparkly kids craft, I’ve got a great one for you! Sequin Bowls! I will warn you right now that while these and nice and sparkly they are also very, very, VERY MESSY! Even with that warning I would say they are worth it!

To start with you need a bowl, aluminium foil, glass container, mod podge (or slightly watered down glue), a paintbrush and SEQUINS! The best thing about using sequins is that there are so many shape and size options. I am a bit impatient, so I opted for large sequins (yes I made my own along with the girls).  The girls chose large leaves and flowers, while I chose red, white, and blue circles for the upcoming patriotic holidays.
I actually ended up doing this 2 different ways. The first way was a bit finicky, or maybe I just wasn’t patient…did I mention that yet, but to do it you start by covering a bowl with aluminum foil. I would say try to keep it smooth, but it is very difficult while covering a round surface. However, the smoother it is the easy it will be to cover and then remove later.  Next you need to cover the area you want to use for your bowl with mod podge.

Now you get to start adhering the sequins! We tried it with dry sequins to start with, and while this was cleaner, they didn’t stick nearly as well as when we dipped them in the mod podge. Is is one spot that you might want to use a little watered down glue.  The mod podge is very thick which is great for the base and the final layer, but it does make for a lot of globs when you are trying to dip sequins.


Cover the entire area of your bowl with sequins. We found it best to let it dry just a little before doing another coat. Once you can paint mod podge on without the sequins moving you want to put another coat over the entire thing. In fact after that dries, you will want to put another coat on. This just strengthens the entire bowl.

This is where your patience comes in. You have to let it dry, not just overnight, or for a day, or even for 2 days! You have to let this thing dry at least 3 days before you try to remove the foil; longer is probably better!  The first one I tried after 2 days and ended up with a mess!

The next one I tried after 3 days, and it stayed together, but I think longer would have been better!

I may not have much patience, but I was determined not to be out done by a little bowl! So now for the easy way to make this a sequin bowl! This is especially good for those of us lacking in the patience department!

Take your little glass container, we used little cheapie candle holders and cover it with mod podge. Then stick on your sequins. Let it dry a little, so the sequins are stuck and then cover the whole thing in mod podge again!

That’s it! Once they’re dry you have nice little sequined bowls that is actually much sturdier too!

I’m not sure what the girls have decided to do with their little bowls, but I think I will put some candles in mine outside for barbecues! Need some more patriotic themed craft ideas? Check out these sparkly, Puffy Fireworks and these Sharpie Shirts that look a lot like wearable fireworks!

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