Rainforest Angry Bird Lesson

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Posted on Jun 30 2014 - 1:00am by Jill
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I hope that you and your children are having fun learning alongside the Poppins Book Nook participants. Last month we explored and created storybook activities around the topic of Folktales. This month’s new theme of The Great Outdoors is sure to get everyone ready to learn about and explore nature from all around the world in a wide variety of ways. 

Rain Forest Angry Bird Lesson

In our home we love anything Angry Birds.  These little guys are just too darn fun to play with. Over the last year we have used all types of Angry Birds in our school lessons and for fun.  Whether it is Elizabeth using her Angry Birds to help her count to Beck using them as story elements to my husband always playing the applications on his phone, the Angry Birds are present in our lives. With this month’s theme being the Great Outdoors there is no reason I cannot use Angry Bird themed items, so I found a wonderful resource that combines the Great Outdoors with Angry Birds in the book Angry Birds Playground Rain Forest book by Jill Esbaum that we found on a recent trip to our local library. 

DIY Angry Birds Playground

After some thinking, reading and playing with our Angry Birds on the Kindle, we decided to make a fun hands-on DIY Angry Birds Playground themed game and lesson to learn about the rainforest. Not only will we all have fun making the pieces, the facts we will learn will be easier to learn in the form of a game.  To make this fun DIY game and lesson you will need the following materials:

  • Paper Towel Tubes
  • Toilet Paper Tubes
  • Ruler
  • Black Marker
  • Scissors
  • Angry Birds (and Pigs)
  • Various Containers (used water bottles, applesauce cups, etc.)
  • Storage Box
  • Masking Tape
  • Misc. Cardboard pieces and small boxes
  • Legos or other ‘special’ pieces
  • Scratch Paper
  • Pencils

Rainforest Angry Bird Lesson

To start making this DIY Angry Birds Game and Lesson mark the paper towel tubes and toilet paper tubes at various increments.  To do this, have your child your child or student use a ruler or tape measure to mark them with lines and then have them cut (or you, if you do not want them to use scissors) on the marks to make circular pieces of various sizes and lengths.  These will become the playing pieces, like in the apps.  

Rainforest Angry Bird Lesson

Then, look through the book Angry Birds Playground Rain Forest book by Jill Esbaum and start selecting various terms from the book that describe the various things located in the rainforest.  Mark them on some, but not all of your circular pieces like in the photos.  These pieces will become worth more points in the game (more on scoring later). 

Rainforest Angry Bird Lesson

Next it is time to start setting up your Angry Birds Play Ground area.  As you can see here, Elizabeth is placing a few pieces in the playground.  She has selected a few of the tubes and is making sure some of them have rainforest terms on them.  She just loves making it hard for her brother, so her strategy was to put the marked pieces by all the pigs. 

Rainforest Angry Bird Lesson

Be sure to use the circular tubes, misc. cardboard pieces, and other items to start making an area for you to launch your Angry Birds at.  Above we have also used some of our special Lego and brick pieces for added fun. 

Rainforest Angry Bird Lesson

Here Beck wanted to make a Pig hiding spot that was high up on a tower. He used a circular piece on top of a water bottle to make the place for the pig to sit on. 

Rainforest Angry Bird Lesson

Then they placed the tower in the playground and started placing the other pieces all around them.  The best part of this game is that you do not have to set it up in any particular order and each game will be different, even if you use the exact same pieces because you can set them up however you want to. 

Rainforest Angry Bird Lesson

Don’t forget to make special pieces too.  Beck and Elizabeth made Lego pieces and creations to put all throughout their Angry Birds Playground so that they could earn special things, give each other tasks, and even give one of them the ability to set-up the next playground configuration.  This particular creation was the one they wanted to use that meant if it was broken in the game by a player, then that player got to make the next configuration by themselves. 

Rainforest Angry Bird Lesson

The last thing left to do is to pick a safe location and mark your starting line with masking tape so that everyone has the same starting point.  Pick a first player and launch away on your first Angry Birds Rainforest Playground Game and Lesson! 

Game Play

This game is played until each player has thrown the set number of birds. We were finding using about 10 birds per player was enough to clear out the playgrounds Beck and Elizabeth were setting-up. We took turns and Beck was a gentleman and always let Elizabeth go first. The game ends when all the pieces have been hit or the agreed upon number of birds have been used. 


Scoring is kept for each playground that is set-up and a winner is chosen at the end of each playground, called a level.  In order to win you have to be the player with the most points.  Scoring is done with each player keeping track of their own points, without a calculator, on their scratch paper using a pencil for each level.  At the end of your session you then add up all the points you got on each level to determine the overall winner.  So, it is possible to win a few levels and then loose the entire game depending on your overall point’s total. 

Here are some point suggestions and example of what we used, but please feel free to set-up your own scoring rules and system:

  • 500 points – Knock over a piece with a term on it and get the definition correct
  • 200 Points – Knock over a Pig
  • 100 Points – Knock over a large piece with a term on it
  • 50 Points – Knock over a small piece with a term on it
  • 10 Points – Knock over any piece without a term on it
  • 5 Points – Each bird thrown that did not hit anything
  • Special Pieces – These are up to your imagination but should not be points.  We used ‘Set-Up Next Playground,’ Throw Another Bird,’ and ‘Earn a Second Guess on Term’ pieces in our games, just to name a few as each game they made them different.

Winning the Level

To win each playground set-up, called a level, you must have the most points at the end of the game and have gotten at least one term definition correct. 

Rainforest Angry Bird Lesson

Now that you have played until you can’t have any more fun, it is time to pack up your game and store it out of the way for your next excursion into the Angry Birds Playground. The easiest way to do this is to select a box large enough to hold it all.  We found that a CostCo Kirkland Baby Wipe box was just the right size to hold all the pieces.  Now, when it is time to play our Angry Birds Rainforest Game and Lesson again it will be ready and waiting for us! 

Rainforest Angry Bird Lesson

Now anytime you want to you can learn about the rainforest with this fun Angry Birds game.  Remember, each time you play the possibilities are endless and the fun will be had by all players. 

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