Pocket Charts and Music: Sequencing of Events

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Posted on Jun 27 2014 - 1:00am by Victoria
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Pocket Charts and Music: Sequencing of Events - Enchanted Homeschooling Mom

Welcome to this month’s Pocket Charts & Music post at Enchanted Homeschooling Mom! This month we are going to be using our Pocket Charts to practice Sequencing of Events! Sequencing of events is an important lesson to teach during language arts, math, science, social studies, arts & crafts, and reading lessons. It assists with comprehension and allow students to organize information and ideas efficiently.

Sequencing of Events with Pocket Charts

For this specific Sequencing Activity we used Story Sequencing Cards from Carson-Dellosa and our small pocket chart. I like these cards from Carson-Dellosa because they fit great in pocket charts and are really sturdy made of cardboard that last a very long time. The reason I used the small pocket chart was to keep Kaelyn from focusing on too many story lines at the same time. This space gave her enough to focus on only 3 story lines and once she got them correct I would give her 3 more.

Pocket Charts and Music: Sequencing of Events - Enchanted Homeschooling Mom

Once she had completed the 3 story lines given to her I would check them before moving on to more. If she had placed a picture in the incorrect space we would talk about the story and make any changes needed. She really enjoys doing work on her own sometimes and this helps her build independence during lesson times, but still being able to have fun with it.

Sequencing of Events with Pocket Chart

Using concept words such as first, second, third, next, in front of, after, and last are very important when teaching sequencing of events. Encourage your child to act out the story line or show you how they could use sequence of events throughout the day.

Here’s a fun video called Make a Cake Children’s Song by Patty Shukla that we found online. The girls thought the video was so much fun that we ended up making our own cake after watching it several times! This was a great way for both girls to see first hand that events or process needs to have an order in which things are done. In this case our cake needed to have certain ingredients in a specific order to help it rise while baking.

How did you use your Pocket Charts this month?

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