Comic Strip Shakespeare Unit

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Posted on Jun 10 2014 - 1:00am by Jill
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Comic Strip Shakespeare Unit - Enchanted Homeschooling Mom 

Do you like Shakespeare and want to teach it to your children or students? Do you think that they are just too young though? Well, I am a big fan of Shakespeare myself and was lucky enough to quite literally stumble upon a great resource.  If your family is like mine we are all into Star Wars in some fashion.  This is important because I feel that the story of the Star Wars Saga that spans the original series (New Hope, Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi) at least are probably safe for any child.  So, when I found the books William Shakespeare’s Star Wars series I was immediately hooked. 

Even though I think that Shakespeare is more of a topic of study for high school, when it is set to the Star Wars movies I think it will be just fine.  The author does an excellent job of converting the Star Wars materials into Shakespearean prose wonderfully and seemingly flawlessly. 

So, it is without further fanfare that I wish to introduce you all to my latest printable, my Comic Strip Shakespeare Unit to accompany the William Shakespeare’s Star Wars series for your children of students to start learning about Shakespeare with or to use with your children or students if they are using any work by William Shakespeare. 

To start dipping my son’s toes into the world of Shakespeare I created this unit to use with the plan to read these written works, typically 1-2 scenes per week, for the next 2 years or so. My hope and intent is that with marrying my son’s love of Star Wars with William Shakespeare I be able to create a lasting impact for him. Please also note that this unit was made with the intention of it being applicable to any written work by William Shakespeare when your children or students are ready for the materials they contain. 

So, what do you get with this Comic Strip Shakespeare Unit? Included are the following educational elements? 

Types of Shakespearian Literature Wall Cards

Included is a set of wall cards to help your child or student learn the different types of Shakespearean literature. 

Comic Strip Shakespeare Reading Comprehension

Included is a template to use for your child or student to use to show that they understand what is going on in each act of the play they are reading. 

Character Theater Mask

Included is a character theater mask that your child or student can use to depict what Shakespeare would have wanted the characters of the acts and scenes to look like. 

My Comic Book Summary

Included is the My Comic Book Summary that your child or student can use to summarize each act of the play they are reading about.  Then, at the end it can be used as keepsake or record of what they have learned for the play. 

So, in summary, included in this Comic Strip Shakespeare Unit are the following elements:

  • Types of Shakespearian Literature Wall Cards
  • Comic Strip Shakespeare Reading Comprehension
  • Character Theatre Mask
  • My Comic Book Summary

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