Sensory Bin 101

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Posted on May 16 2014 - 1:00am by Victoria
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Many of us know how fun a Sensory Bin can be for children. We see how excited they get when we bring out new sensory play bins each week or month, so we keep making them. But, did you know that your child through this amazing sensory play is actually benefiting from some amazing skills? First of all lets look at exactly what sensory play and a sensory bin actually are in this Sensory Bin 101.Sensory Bin 101 - Enchanted Homeschooling Mom

Image by: The Usual Mayhem

What is Sensory Play? Sensory play is when a child stimulates and explores using their Five Senses of touch, smell, taste, sight and hearing through play. Sensory play can be created in either a sensory box, sensory bin, or a sensory table. Remember, sensory play is not all about touch. What is a Sensory Play Bin? A Sensory Bin is an area filled with different objects of different textures, sizes, smells, and tastes which encourages a child to use all of their Five Senses. A sensory bin can be filled with basically anything a child can move, touch, feel, see, hear, and even sometimes taste. Sensory bins can be created to teach children specific lessons by filling it with items which will direct the child’s attention in a specific direction. A child playing in a Garden Sensory Bin like the one I made for my daughters a few weeks back has a specific purpose. My purpose was to teach them about our environment and to learn about gardening. I picked specific items to go in our bin such as dirt, flowers, bugs, rock, and seeds to make sure that they understood the full concept of gardening. With this specific bin my two girls were able to learn about the feel of different textures by touching the flowers, seeds, and, rocks, and dirt. Using their sight they learned about colors, size of seeds, and spacing in containers. Using their sense of smell they could smell the dirt and flowers. The ideas for a Sensory Play Bin are absolutely endless! Sensory Bin 101 - Enchanted Homeschooling Mom

Image by: The Usual Mayhem

Why is Sensory Play so important? By allowing your child to explore and play with different textures, smells, temperature, and taste you are showing your child that there is more than just one way to describe an object. Children begin using descriptive words to express what they are seeing, feeling, tasting, and hearing. A ball to the eyes of a child is just a ball, but when emerged in water, now that ball becomes slippery and cold. Children who spend time stimulating their senses develop cognitive, linguistic, social/emotional, physical and creative skills. There are other ways to develop these skills, but for younger children the sense of play gives them a higher advantage. Another important part of sensory play is all of the Fine Motor Skills activity the child is doing. Especially if you create a sensory bin that will specifically guide your child to practice that skill. Sitting down and teaching our children is wonderful, but all they really want to do is play. What better way for them to learn all of the skills necessary while still having fun and playing? I don’t know about you, but I love watching my girls play and in I know that they are learning all at the same time. How do I make my own Sensory Play Bin? Well, I’m so glad you asked 🙂 Check out these amazing Sensory Bins below! These amazing bloggers have put everything together for you. All you need to do is let your child learn while playing!

Spring Sensory Bins


Carrot Garden Sensory Bin by MAMA MISS

Garden Sensory Tub by Homeschool Creations

Insect Sensory Bin by Stir the Wonder

Spring Thaw: Coconut Oil Sensory Bin Fillers by ALLterNATIVElearning

Easter egg hunt bubble bath by Momma’s Fun World

Colored Hay Sensory Bin by Crayon Box Chronicles

Planting a Rainbow Sensory Bin by Play Learn Love

Bird Themed Sensory Bin by My Nearest and Dearest

Spring Light Table Sensory Play by Where Imagination Grows

Sensory Spring Water Table by The Pleasantest Thing

Summer Sensory Bins



World Oceans Week by Dotting on Deirdre

Scented sand for ice cream play by Momma’s Fun World

Pool Noodle Water Bin by Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tail

Patriotic Sensory Bin by Second Story Window

Wonderful Watermelon Rice Sensory Bin Play by Little Bins for Little Hands

Jello Sensory Bin by Learn Play Imagine

Ocean Sensory Table by Stir the Wonder

Beach Sensory Play by Fantastic Fun & Learning

4th of July Sensory Bin by Shining Our Lights

Fall Sensory Bin


Fall Sensory Bin and Learning Activities by Fantastic Fun and Learning

fall sensory bin {with homemade pumpkin play dough!} by Wildflower Ramblings

Egg Carton Pumpkins Fall Sensory Bin by Sugar Aunts

The Great Pumpkin Fight of the Sensory by Childhood Beckons

Fall Farm Sensory Tub by No Time for Flash Cards

November Sensory Tub – Harvest by Counting Coconuts

Apple Picking Fall Sensory Bin by Busy Hands Blessed Hearts

Apple Cinnamon Sensory Bin by Fantastic Fun and Learning

Play Recipe- Fall Scented Rice by Growing a Jeweled Rose

A is for Apple Cinnamon Sensory Bin by House of Burke

Winter Sensory Bins

Fake Snow

Winter Sensory Bin by Housing a Forest

Winter Sensory Bin by Pocektful of Posies

Winter wonderland sensory bin by Happy Hooligans

Sensory Activities for Kids : Winter Sensory Bin by Blog Me Mom

Winter Sensory Bin by Crayon Freckles

Our Winter Sensory Bins by Shining Our Lights

Peppermint Play Dough Winter Sensory Bin – Edible, Safe and Fun by The Eyes of a Boy

Arctic Foxes, Water Beads and Bingo by Tippytoe Crafts

Sensory Play – Candy Cane Goo-Bleck by Sow Sprout Play

Winter Sensory Play by Fun-A-Day

Valentine Sensory Bin


Valentine sensory tub by Nurture Store

Valentine’s Day Themed Sensory Rice Box With Scented Pink Rice by Pink and Green Mama

Sensory Light Table: Valentine Sensory Bin by Holly’s Arts and Crafts Corner

Valentines Sensory Bin by 3 Dinosaurs

Valentine’s Day Sensory Bucket by The Iowa Farmer’s Wife

Valentine’s Day Sensory Tub by Nurturing Naters with Learning

Valentine Sensory Bin by Our Aussie Homeschool

Valentine Sensory Bin: Treasures from the Dollar Tree! by Princesses, Pies, & Preschool Pizzazz

A Messy Valentine’s by Smell the Saisiez

Valentine’s Day Sensory Play by Where Imagination Grows

Easter Sensory Bin


Springtime easter sensory bin: egg hunt and count by Teach Mama

Christ-Centered Easter Sensory Bin by The Chaos and the Clutter

Easter Sensory Bin by Frogs, Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

Easter Egg Sensory Bins, Six Ways by And Next Comes

Peeps Play: Easter Sensory Bin by Mama Von Teacher

Easter sensory bin by rubberboots and elf shoes

Easter Sensory Bin by Olives Originals

Easter Sensory Bin by H is for Homeschooling

Easter egg hunt bubble bath by Momma’s Fun World

Jelly Bean Sensory Bin by Stir the Wonder

Halloween Sensory Bins

Bugs in Jello

Halloween Sensory Bin Activity by Love, Play, Learn

Halloween Sensory Bin by Sugar Aunts

Slimy Spaghetti Sensory Activity for Toddlers by Hands On as we grow

Halloween-Spooky Slime Sensory Tub by What do you do all day?

Halloween Sensory Bin for Baby and Toddlers: Edible Eyeballs by Fun at Home with Kids

Halloween Sensory Bin by How We Learn at Home

Halloween Sensory Bin by Happy Hooligans

Halloween Sensory Bin, featuring the -at word family by Suzy Homeschooler

Toddler Playtime: Halloween Sensory Bin by Felt with Love Designs

Bugs in Jello Sensory Play by P is for Preschooler

Christmas Sensory Bins


Christmas Sensory Bin-easy diy from the dollar tree by Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

Christmas Sensory Bin by Sow Sprout Play

Dollar Store Christmas Sensory Bin by The Good Long Road

Christmas Sensory Bin and a Sticky Tree by How Wee Learn

Christmas Peppermint Sensory Bin by Stir the Wonder

Christmas Button Sensory Bin by 3 Dinosaurs

Christmas Sensory Bin by 1+1+1=1

Christmas Sensory Box and Count Down Calendar by Olives and Pickles

Snowy Christmas sensory bin by cuddles & muddles & muddy puddles

Christmas Sensory Bin ~ What’s in the Bin? by Totally Tots

Numbers Sensory Bins


Numbers Sensory Bin by Timeless Adventures

Two Simple Sensory Bins Using Invisible Letters & Numbers by And Next Comes L

1, 2, 3 ~ Counting Sensory Bin by Connecting Family and Seoul

Number Button Sensory Bin by 3 Dinosaurs

Valentine’s counting sensory bin by Momma’s Fun World

Numbers & Counting Sensory Bin by For the Love of Learning

Summer Sensory! by Rockabye Butterfly

New Year’s Number Sensory Tub by Mom’s Heart

Fishing for Numbers & Colors by Powerful Mothering

Alphabet Sensory Bins

Letter K

Alphabet matching sensory bin game by Momma’s Fun World

Letter G alphabet sensory bin, alphabet sensory tub by Nurturing Naters with Learning

Letter K Sensory Bin by Life with Moore Babies

Invisible Hot Glue Letters by Craftulate

Alphabet Sensory Bin by the measured mom

Creating An Alphabet Sensory Bin by Little Bins for Little Hands

Seuss-Inspired Alphabet Sensory Bin by Finding the Teachable Moments

Magnetic Letters – Sorting as a Way to Teach the Alphabet by Fun-A-Day

Alphabet sensory play by PreK- Pages

Chicka chicka boom boom alphabet bin by rubberboots and elf shoes

Letter Bin by Sugar Aunts

Remember, let your children play and along the way they will learn all that is needed to learn!

Which Sensory Bin from the list above is your favorite?

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