Pocket Charts and Music: Addition

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Posted on May 21 2014 - 1:00am by Jill
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Pocket Charts and Music AdditionWelcome to this months Making Learning Fun with Pocket Charts and Music! Kaelyn has been doing a wonderful job this month in math, but especially in addition. She especially loves working with manipulatives and games. Math is one of those subjects that I truly believe that children should be allowed to learn and explore with a hands on approach. The best part of manipulatives is that you don’t have to go out and purchase anything. I’m pretty sure that you can find something in your home to use, such as cans, coins, pencils, crayons, rice, beans, and pom poms used for arts & crafts.

Last month we made our own colored pasta and it has been very popular in our home, so I decided that it would be the perfect manipulative to use for our pocket chart addition activity. I wanted something that would be visible enough, bright, and would capture Kaelyn’s attention.

Using a Pocket Chart for Addition ActivityFor the first part of our activity I set up the pocket chart with the addition problems she needs to solve. The entire time I stand next to her because I want her reading the problem to me correctly and then figuring out the answer. I want to make sure that she is using proper math words such as plus and equal when reading.

Addition on a pocket chartI then allow her to write her own answer using name plates that I have cut. If you prefer, you could also print out the numbers from the computer and allow your child to find the answers among other numbers. Kaelyn loves to write, so I knew that this would be a great incentive and treat for her.

Using a Pocket Chart for Addition ActivityAfter Kaelyn had completed a full set of addition problems properly, I allowed her to come up with her own.

Now, lets not forget music! I think we have a song or video for practically everything we do or learn in our home πŸ™‚ As I’ve mentioned before Jack Hartmann has amazing math songs, so for our addition and subtraction lesson we used The Add and Subtract Body Part Dance. Get your child and sing along with Jack Hartmann’s video below!

I also like showing videos when we do lessons, because it gives the girls a different prospective. When we are teaching our children everyday it’s just normal for them to sometimes shut us out during lessons, so videos are a great way to re-enforce skills and to show them different ways they can learn that specific skill. My goal is to help Kaelyn understand something that she is having trouble with and sometimes when she watches a video it just clicks for her πŸ™‚

Here is a video I found for Kaelyn that she absolutely enjoyed and I really do love how they use proper math wording and pictures when teaching the addition lesson.


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What is your favorite way to use your Pocket Chart during Homeschooling?

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