Victus Study Skills System (A Review)

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Posted on Apr 8 2014 - 1:00am by Jill
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Victus Study Skills System (A Review) - Enchanted Homeschooling Mom

When it comes to our children and students these days, one of the skills that we all seem to overlook is how to study.  This is a review of the product Victus Study Skills System. When I was in junior high and high school I always seemed to struggle in school, not with the assignments, not with being dedicated or completing my school work or homework, not because I wasn’t asking teachers for assistance or guidance; but rather, it was because when it came to testing I would study study study and then freeze and forget when I sat down for a test. 

To break this pattern I took a similar class to this program every weekend for several months that taught proper study skills. This extra little training showed me where I was going wrong, how to set up a proper study environment, and how to take the overall stress out of test taking and studying in general. By the end of taking this course my scores had risen dramatically and I was able to put my actual knowledge into play rather than have a teacher tell me or my parents that I was not studying enough and putting in the effort (which I was). I was able to transform the time I was studying into valuable time where I was learning and reinforcing what I was studying instead of just stacking facts into my brain at random. 

Now that I am homeschooling my two children, Beck and Elizabeth, I do worry about teaching them proper studying and test taking skills because eventually, at some point as young adults they will have to be able to perform in certain test tasking situations.  This will also happen well into their entire adult life. Teaching the basics of study skills now can make all the difference to them and their success at students now and as adults later in life. 

Before I get much further into this review and giveaway I would like to say that I was given a free copy of the Victus Study Skills System Teacher Edition and Student Workbook.  For full details read my disclosures found HERE

Victus Study Skills System (A Review) - Enchanted Homeschooling Mom

My First Impression

I will be perfectly honest and say that I love this product.  Since I knew that I had problems as a child with studying, I was very happy to see that this product is tried, true, and tested.  I was skeptical at first when I got it, but after reading the Introduction/Philosophy and Teacher Instruction sections of the Victus Study Skills Teacher Edition I was very pleased to see how the Victus Study Skills System could and would help my son Beck improve his studying habits. 

After that it was time to see how the Victus Study Skills System Student Workbook would present itself to my son, Beck. I started looking through the workbook and was pleased to see it was a mix of instruction and information, as well as structured lessons.  The lessons are layered and laid out so that they all lead to the next and add to the previous. 

When I compared the Teacher Edition to the Student Workbook I was pleased to see that they match up and the Teacher Edition provides all the tools I need as a parent and teacher to teach the Victus Study Skills System to my children. I also found that it was very easy to teach and approach my son with the lessons and skills being taught.  The lessons themselves were on the order of about 30 minutes each and then the student portion took a variety of times to complete, but once Beck did the work he started to feel better about his study skills.  We completed the system as the instructions said to and were done with the initial instruction in five-days, but I allotted the time to complete the Victus Study Skills System because I really wanted to equip Beck with the study skills he was being taught.  He is very analytical like his father and I think this program is and will continue to help him develop better study skills and retain more information longer. 

The Victus Study Skills System states that it has four objectives and I believe that they are important to teach my children these objectives as well.  The objectives are fully listed and explained in the course work, but a summary of the four objectives is:

  1. Understand that there are specific steps and strategies to studying
  2. Build specific skills and provides specific tools to accomplish them
  3. Develop a study attitude
  4. Get your student to understand more fully their own role in studying 

Victus Study Skills System (A Review) - Enchanted Homeschooling Mom

Who can use the Victus Skills System?

I was not sure that the Victus Study Skills System could be used by children of any age, like their information states, but after using this with Beck, my fourth grade son, I truly believe that this system can be used by children and young adults alike.  Victus Study Skills System has a breakdown of how to use the system with children of all ages on their website where they break down guidelines for use for the age range brackets of 4-7, 8-10, and 10 and older. 

What are the costs of this curriculum?

When it comes to purchasing your Victus Study Skills System components you will first need to decide which components and products you wish to purchase. Here is a quick summary of the pricing that can be found on the company’s website.  For specific information about these products, please visit their Products Page

The products I am reviewing:

  • Teacher Edition of the Victus Study Skills System:             $40.00
  • Student Workbook of the Victus Study Skills System:      $20.00 

Additional products to accompany the Victus Study Skills System:

  • The Student DIY Edition Workbook                                          $25.00
  • Teacher Edition PowerPoint Presentation                            $25.00
  • Classroom Video (DVD)                                                                 $30.00
  • Creating & Implementing a Personal Strategic Plan           $5.00 

Each of these items will be valuable to implementing the Victus Study Skills System, but as a homeschooler I believe that you will only need the Teacher Edition and Student Workbook to add these skills to your children’s tool boxes. 

Victus Study Skills System (A Review) - Enchanted Homeschooling Mom

How easy was it to teach?

After having read the Teacher Edition I set out a schedule where Beck and I would complete the program in a single week.  I set aside time for him to do his portions and for me to be prepared to help him with it.  One of the first lessons he did was to list out and evaluate his own learning strengths.  He ponder and stumbled on this a little, which was ok in my opinion.  Having him fill out a self-evaluation is really eye opening.  But once that was completed, the system helped him to understand what his answers meant and what his dominant learning strengths were and how to improve his weaker ones. This is important to me because it did not just offer up a negative because the program then offered a reason and solution to the negative aspect he was told to find in himself. This is a major selling point to me as well because the Victus Study Skills System sets up it user to figure out for themselves what to do, how to do it, and then understand that with organization and focus they will be able to accomplish almost any goal they need or want to reach with their studies. 

Victus Study Skills System (A Review) - Enchanted Homeschooling Mom

Perfect Example

As Beck and I were developing his note taking skills later in the Student Workbook, Beck noticed that he needed to set himself up properly so he had all his tools at his disposal first and not as the lesson was being taught. He had his Student Workbook ready as I was reading and using the Teacher Edition.  We started the lesson and a few minutes into it Beck calmly asked if I could stop for a moment so that he could get his paper and pencil ready for the lesson.  I was so proud of him.  He then got a stack of writing paper for notes, his two favorite pencils, and started back in on developing his note taking skills.  He even practiced the note taking shorthand on his own note sheets too. 

Victus Study Skills System (A Review) - Enchanted Homeschooling Mom

It was very nice to see Beck embracing the Victus Study Skills System as he was learning it. Here are some of the points that I like and appreciated about the Victus Study Skills System:

  • Any Grade Level The Victus Study Skills System can be a benefit to any child in any grade level and could benefit even the best of students as well. 
  • Packs a PunchEven though the lessons are short, their content will keep them relevant to your child’s education for years to come.  The Victus Study Skills System will establish a core set of study skills that when used the same way will yield productive results in a short time period, on most occasions of course since not every child grasps every topic the same of course. 
  • Organization – The Victus Study Skills System helps to organize the important facts that are being learned because children often start to forget facts really quickly. Since they will have Victus Study Skills System format notes, checklists, and habits they will be more successful at retaining information for a longer time period. 
  • Low Cost A lot of programs are expensive.  The Victus Study Skills System is not cheap by any means, but the initial costs far outweigh the lifetime of learning skills and study habits it will form.  With a one-time cost of $40.00 for each Teacher Edition (once per parent or teacher) and then a consumable cost of $20.00 per Student Workbook the costs are certainly manageable. 
  • Diversity of Topics – Most of the products on the market for studying apply to only a single subject or portion of a subject, like vocabulary or experiments or practice problems or the like.  The Victus Study Skills System is a process that is learned for studying in general and can then be applied to all subjects across your child or student’s education when they are learning the Victus Study Skills System and then for the foreseeable rest of their educational career.

Some of the things that my son had to say about this product are:

After using the Victus Study Skills System with my son Beck, a fourth grader, I asked him what he thought.  Here are some of his thoughts about the system:

  • “Wow, this is neat and organized,” – Beck, 9 years old
  • “This shows me what I need to focus on.” – Beck, 9 years old
  • “So this is what good studying is? I like it. It went faster than just writing notes on my paper like I used to.” – Beck, 9 years old

Where else can I find the Victus Study Skills System?

You can follow along with Victus Study Skills System on and at… 

My Final Thoughts on the Victus Study Skills System:

Due to its ease of use, establishment of its core philosophies and ability to be used throughout the rest of my children’s educational careers, the Victus Study Skills System is a must have teaching technique for me now that I know what and where to find it.  My son Beck has already started improving, not only the content of his work; but also the time he is spending on studying.  Although it is a process to first learn, overall Beck’s attention to detail can mire his studying and the Victus Study Skills System is perfect for focusing that analytical approach into positive and productive study time. 

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