Sun Catcher Vases

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Posted on Apr 4 2014 - 1:00am by Ashley
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We are so anxious for some warm weather around here that we decided to start preparing by making these Hanging Sun Catcher Vases! These will be adorable hanging in the playhouse for the girls to stick their dandelions or violets in once they start blooming and I don’t have to worry about them breaking! 
To start with we needed some plastic water bottles, scissors, yarn, hole punch, large eye needle, and squirtable sun catcher paint (ours was kindly provided by


Using scissors, I cut the bottle tops off; actually I cut below the label because the girls don’t tend to pick overly long stems. Then I punched holes around the top on the vase.

Using the large eye needle and yarn, I had the girls loop yarn through the holes all the way around several times to cover up any rough or sharp edges. I also used the yarn to make a loop to hang the vase. You might use twine or even decorative duct tape if you don’t want to worry about them getting wet. Although it would also be really easy to make new ones!


After that I turned the girls loose with the sun catcher paint. They dripped the paint on the outside of the bottles until they were content with the look of the vase.

Then we allowed them to dry making sure to move them every so often, so they don’t stick to the papers under them. If you have a place to do it, you could allow them to dry while hanging as well.

Once dry you can hang them wherever you like! For now our Sun Catcher Vases will hang in the girl’s windows, but I can’t wait to see them outside!


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