Pocket Chart and Music: Building Sentences

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Posted on Apr 17 2014 - 1:00am by Victoria
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Last month in the Making Lessons Fun With Music and Pocket Charts series we began introducing high frequency words, which are also called sight words into our reading. There are about 100 high frequency words that we can use to build sentences. I’ve learned that the best thing that has worked for us and worked in my former classroom experience is to introduce one word at a time. Allowing the child to get familiar with the word and recognize it by sight.

What are High Frequency words?

High frequency words are the most commonly used words in printed language. Over 50% of text are composed with these words. These words are best learned by memorization and practice through repetition.

I usually introduce a sight word or high frequency word each week or every few weeks, depending on our lessons. The best way is to write them on an index card, laminate them, and practice with them everyday. Building sentences is a great way to practice when you have several high frequency words already introduced. Adding pictures of objects or people is a great way to help with sentence building. Oh, and don’t forget your punctuation marks as well! A great tool to use is your pocket chart of course!

When building sentences on a pocket chart give your child 2-3 high frequency words you have been working on. Make sure your child can read these words. Add about 10 pictures for sentence building. I give my daughter her group of high frequency words, a group of pictures, and a group of punctuation marks. While I assist her, she ultimately builds the sentences on her own. Sometimes they will get stuck, but encourage your child to read the sentence with each high frequency word until they find a sentence that makes sense.

In the picture above you can see how excited my daughter is and that’s because she just figured out the proper sentence using her word and pictures all by herself. Even though she was struggling, she finally figured it out by reading the sentence over and over again with different words.

A great way to introduce and re-enforce high frequency words is by using music and one of our favorites are the Sight-Words Songs by Have Fun Teaching! These songs are a great visual and sentence building practice for the kids! My girls love watching and dancing to these videos.

When Kaelyn gets stuck on building a sentence with a specific sight-word she sings her song and instantly creates a sentence. I personally think that is fantastic! There is a different song for each high frequency word.

Check out the videos below!

In what ways did you use your pocket charts this month?

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