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Posted on Apr 6 2014 - 1:00am by Jill
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The Enchanted Homeschool Planner - Enchanted Homeschooling Mom

Are you the type of homeschooler or educator that needs strict organization or the type that thrives on a little bit of organized chaos? The common thread though, is that no matter what, we all need to be organized somehow.  Since there are all types of organizational skills, planners, schedulers, programs, ideas, theories and philosophies out there for keeping your organized, there is bound to be something that fits your needs in the way that you need to keep yourself organized. 

I know that there are a lot of different ways and programs out there with some being online and others are partly online, and then you can come full-circle back to the trusty, ole fashioned, hand-written ones too.  There is a true variety in each one of these categories for staying organized for our teachings and the differences could be discussed for ages.  Instead I would like to focus on the common thread, which is that no matter your favored style or program, the fact is that we all need to keep records of some sort.  The method that works best for one person or family might not work for another, but we all gravitate and thrive while using the ‘one’ we like the most. 

For our family’s homeschooling journey I have tried a myriad of planners and tools from online programs to scratch paper to a combination of the two, but I always seem to gravitate back to ones that are in a paper form.  I have diverted from online grade books as several of them now over the years have lost my children’s records and grades which makes a mess for me and becomes unreliable. I have also found that I am constantly searching for that one planner that has it all.  I like it when the documents are themed the same and have the same feel to them, if that makes sense. So for this year’s planning sessions I made my own forms with all the lists, categories, and components that I want to keep track off for my children this year. 

I would like to introduce you to the way that I like to keep my records in my Enchanted Homeschool Planner! In this planner you will find pages to track everything from grades to goals to scheduling to cost analysis.  Here is what I have included in The Enchanted Homeschool Planner: 

Weekly Schedule

Included is the meat and bones of this planner, the Weekly Schedule.  Whether you plan your lessons well in advance or the weekend before, the included weekly schedule sheets will help you stay on top of your weekly lessons. Copy as many of these pages as you need to keep all of your children or students on track. 

Goal Sheets

Included are sheets to use to help set goals for each month and quarter of your school year. 

Monthly Planning Sheets

Included is a Unit Study Monthly Planning Guide to help organize your unit studies by month and week.  This will help you stay on top of what resources you are using and when you are actually using them. 

Homeschool Curriculum Budget

Because homeschooling always includes costs, whether foreseen or random, so I have included a multi-paged Homeschool Curriculum Budget.  This will help you track your costs as categorized into the core subjects, enrichments, and includes space for you to include your own unique items as well. 

Enrichment Class Tracking

Do your children or students participate in enrichment classes? I know that my children both have a variety or enrichment classes and activities.  I have included an Enrichment Class Tracking Sheet to help organize your children or student’s enrichment activities.  This unique tracking sheet includes spaces for everything you will need to remember for each of their enrichment classes or activities. Copy as many of these pages as you need to keep all of your children or students on track. 

Year At-A-Glances

Included are individual pages for you to reference that are Years-At-A-Glance. For your use I have included the years of 2014 through 2018. 

Library Books List

If you are like me then you can often be found at your local library.  Included is a log sheet where you can organize, track, and maintain a list of books you need, want, or have received from your local library. Copy as many of these pages as you need to keep all of your children or students on track. 

Reading Log

Included are Reading Logs for you to use to track your child or student’s reading.  There are spaces to track each book that your child or student reads so that you can have a record for yourself, or if you are like our family, our educational counselor can see what types and materials each of my children is reading. Copy as many of these pages as you need to keep all of your children or students on track. 

Organizing Tabs

Since you can organize your planner anyway you need to, I have included a sheet of tabs for you to use as needed to stay organized. 

Materials Wish List

Do you see things here and there that you want to use in your lessons, but not just yet?  I used to write things down on post-it notes or scratch paper, so I created this materials wish list so that I would hopefully not loose these resources for the future anymore, hopefully you will find them just as useful. 

Online Tracker

Do you have trouble remembering all the websites that you have online memberships to for your schooling needs and how to access them? To help with this I have included an Online Membership Tracker to help you stay organized. Copy as many of these pages as you need to keep all of your online programs managed. 

Daily Log Student Work Tracker

Included is a Daily Log Student Work Tracker so that you can track not what you were supposed to do, but rather, track what your student actually gets done. Copy as many of these pages as you need to keep all of your children or students on track. 

Elementary Homeschool Grade Book

Included is my Elementary Homeschool Grade Book.  Included are elements that are perfect for tracking all aspects of your homeschooler from attendance to daily assignment grades for each subject. Copy as many of the grade book pages as you want or need to keep track of all your children or students. 

The Enchanted Homeschool Planner - Enchanted Homeschooling Mom

So, in summary, included in The Enchanted Homeschool Planner are the following elements:

  • Weekly Schedule
  • Goal Sheets
  • Monthly Planning Sheets
  • Homeschool Curriculum Budget
  • Enrichment Class Tracking
  • Year At-A-Glances
  • Library Books List
  • Reading Log
  • Organizing Tabs
  • Materials Wish List
  • Online Tracker
  • Daily Log Student Work Tracker
  • Elementary Homeschool Grade Book 

As you can see there should be something for practically every family that wants or needs to track what they are doing.  From monthly or quarterly goals to tracking what you did this week to tracking just about any aspect of your educational journey, there should be a form or place for it here in my Enchanted Homeschool Planner. And please feel free to use what you want from this planner as I know that if you have favorite pieces from your older planners, by all means please use them together. 

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