All About Butterflies Pack

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Posted on Apr 10 2014 - 1:00am by Jill
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 All About Butterflies Pack - Enchanted Homeschooling Mom

With spring here it is time to start focusing on the fun, warmer weather aspects of schooling.  One of the things we like to do as a family is to visit the local zoo and one of my daughter’s favorite things to do is feed nectar to the butterflies.  So, what better way to bring a fun aspect to our school lesson this sprint then to get a butterfly garden?  The first step was to find a nice butterfly project to do.  I found a great resource for in-home butterfly observation in The Original Butterfly Garden by Insect Lore.  This product is fun because you get to send away for live caterpillars to watch grow into butterflies.  The cost is relatively low, but watching the butterflies grow through their life cycle should be fun for Beck and Elizabeth. 

To supplement their butterfly garden experiment I also decided to create an activity unit to go with it about the butterfly life cycle.  So, without further ado, I wish to introduce my latest science orientated pack in combination with other learning elements as well, in my latest printable titled All About Butterflies Pack.  In this 80+ page printable pack you will find almost everything you need to know about butterflies, their life cycle, where they live, and their habitats.  This pack takes a closer look at 14 different butterfly species.  As a resource for this pack I used and recommend the book The Life Cycles of Butterflies by Judy Burris and Wayne Richards.  This book should be available to you through your local library, amazon and the Kindle store.  I purchased the Kindle version to use with Beck and Elizabeth when we are using this pack. 

All About Butterflies Pack - Enchanted Homeschooling Mom

In this pack I have included a lot of different elements for all age levels and skill levels, but it is best suited for Kindergarten through 5th grade. Some of the included elements are for language arts, writing, art, and science. Included, to name a few, are the following elements: 

Test Your Knowledge

To help you understand what you already know about butterflies I have included a Know-Want to Know-Learned chart to test your knowledge of butterflies. 

Butterfly Life Cycle

Included is discussion on the life cycle of a butterfly.  To help reinforce your learning of the butterfly life cycle is included language arts and art activities for the different life stages of a butterfly as it goes through its life cycle. 

Butterfly Life Cycle Wall Cards

To help you learn about the life cycle of a butterfly used in this pack I have included wall cards for the different life stages of a butterfly. 

Butterfly Tracker

Included is a life cycle tracker so that if you are watching your own butterflies grow you can track their progress and practice your motor skills at the same time. 

Butterfly Observations

Included is a Butterfly Observation Booklet so that if you are watching your own butterflies grow you can track their progress and scientifically make notes about their progress. 


Included are activities that are to be used after your child or student has researched fourteen different types of butterfly species. 

Anatomy of a Butterfly

Included is a discussion and activity (with a Quiz) about the various anatomical features of butterflies. 

Letter and Word Recognition

Included is a series of items that designed to help younger learners with their letter recognition, word recognition, and color matching.  These activities are centered on the life cycle of a butterfly, but are designed for younger learners. 

Language Arts

This pack includes various Language arts components that are all themed to butterflies and their life cycle.  You will find activities on reading comprehension, sentence structure, and dictionary definitions, just to name a few types of activities included. 


Various parts of this pack include drawing components.  These elements are all intended to enhance the lessons being taught about butterflies and the butterfly life cycle. 

Vocabulary Practice

Multiple portions of this Butterfly Pack develop various new vocabulary words for your child or student to learn pertaining to butterflies and their life cycle. 


To accompany this pack’s discussion of Butterflies, there is also a series of activities dedicated to locating the various butterfly species and their native habitats on the globe. 


Included is discussions that tie the book into the lessons taught about the habit of butterflies and their favorite trees that they need to survive. 

Color Experiment

Included is a hands-on science experiment that helps your child or student experiment with colors and where they come from. 

Coloring Fun

To make this fun for the younger learners out there I have also included some fun butterfly life cycle themed coloring pages for their enjoyment, or for any child or student you likes to color. Secretly I think my husband likes to color with Elizabeth sometimes for fun too. 

To summarize what is in this All About Butterflies Pack you will find themed activities for:

  • Test Your Knowledge
  • Butterfly Life Cycle
  • Butterfly Life Cycle Wall Cards
  • Butterfly Tracker
  • Butterfly Observations
  • Research
  • Anatomy of a Butterfly
  • Letter and Word Recognition
  • Language Arts
  • Art
  • Vocabulary Practice
  • Geography
  • Plants
  • Color Experiment
  • Coloring Fun

Hopefully you and your children or students can have some fun as they study the life cycle of a butterfly and work through the activities in this All About Butterflies Pack. 

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