Scratch and Sniff Jello Painting

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Posted on Mar 5 2014 - 1:00am by Ashley
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On a quest to empty the pantry as much as possible I came across some old boxes of jello (and I mean old because we really don’t eat jello). Then I came across this recipe for Jello Paint. Perfect! A craft to use up old jello! 
The recipe recommended using pre-printed coloring pages, but I decided to let my girls draw their own. They usually enjoy creating their own pictures more then coloring pre-made ones. I had them draw on card stock (you need thick paper or card stock) with black markers.
Then it was time to make the paint. Most of our old jello was red, so I actually bought a few new colors too (so much for cleaning out the pantry).
I mixed each girl their own set of jello paint in an old egg carton. I mixed 1 tsp of jello to one tsp hot water and then a little glue. To measure the glue (Elmer’s All Purpose Glue by the way), I just squeezed it gently while counting to 3. It probably would have been easier to mix it in a larger bowl and pour it in the egg carton since I made a significant mess trying to mix in the egg carton!



Time to paint! Instead of brushes we used Q-tips to dot the paint onto our pictures. I made sure they dipped their Q-tips to the bottom, so they could get more of the jello on the page too.


Once the pictures were dry, the kids could rub them with their finger tips and smell the jello. Surprisingly the jello did not rub off as long as you were gentle. 
Once Eli woke up from his nap he enjoyed smelling them too. Actually he enjoyed it a little too much and decided to taste one; good thing the glue is non toxic! 


I was amazed by how much of the smell was retained! This makes a great sensory art project, and it really doesn’t use much jello. So it doesn’t clean out the pantry unless you make a whole bunch; guess we will just have to save the rest of ours for another day! Will you be trying jello painting in your household?

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