Preparing to Homeschool: Learning Through Song

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Posted on Feb 20 2014 - 1:00am by Erika ~ Pray Species
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Preparing to Homeschool: Learning Through Song - Enchanted Homeschooling Mom

The “Alphabet Song,” “Head, Shoulder, Knees, and Toes,”, and “The Ants Go Marching In” are well known children’s song used in most classrooms and many other learning environments to help children learn. Even silly or simple songs help children become more familiar with language, inflection, recognition, and memorization. Singing also provides an excellent method for soothing upset children and entertaining children during periods when their mobility is limited such as in a car seat or waiting in line.

Babies will often respond to music and familiar voices even before they are born. Developmental experts encourage the use of music and song to create a stimulating and rich sensory environment for children. Researchers have provided data indicating that the use of music and song likely create additional pathways connecting brain cells or neural connections, which may lead to increased language skills and learning potential. Children who are active musical participants, playing instruments or singing songs, have been shown to benefit the most from the incorporation of music into their daily activities. These children are often high performers in reading and math, have improved coordination of movement, and often have increased social skills and strong self-esteem.

Singing familiar songs also helps build community within the family, church, and playgroups. Later in life many childhood songs can provide comfort and enjoyment, especially those sung during special or reflective times such as hymns or Christmas carols. Songs are a large part of most cultures and those of us in the United States and certainly within similar regions of the United States will know similar songs that are recognizable and enjoyable to use throughout our lives. Many children will often become amateur song writers, developing songs of their own, which spur imagination, creativity, and provide little ones with experience experimenting with rhythm and rhyme.

When choosing songs to share with your little ones, consider your favorites. Young children will often reflect their parents’ or caregivers’ reactions to different songs and are likely to favor the music and songs for which you yourself show enthusiasm. Some of our family songs that we love include Wee Sing Silly Songs, Sesame Street, Raffi, and Kidz Bop.

Our family is always looking for more fun and family friendly songs to share!What song brings back fond memories of your own childhood? What songs do you enjoy sharing with your family?

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