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Posted on Feb 2 2014 - 1:00am by Jill
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Daily Log Student Work Tracker - Enchanted Homeschooling Mom

Have you been struggling with a way to keep yourself organized while you homeschool your children or teach your students?  I know that as each year progresses I sometime find myself struggling to remember what was done when.  I do have detailed lesson plans for an entire school year at a time (which is my lifeline and baby in our homeschooling journey), but as Beck and Elizabeth advance through their lessons, sometimes they are one or two ahead in this subject or a little behind in that subject, someone gets sick, we have an impromptu field trip offer that is just too great to pass up, and I do not want to have my original lessons plans look like an illegible mess of eraser dust. After all, I save all of my yearly lesson plans not only for reference; but also, for our own homeschooling records (because I have enough trouble remembering what I did two days ago much less if someone of authority asked me what we did years ago). Daily Log Student Work Tracker - Enchanted Homeschooling MomTo help keep myself organized, and not mark all over my lesson plan pages, I created this cute (because cute makes record keeping more fun in my opinion) Daily Log to keep track of not what they were supposed to learn today, but what we actually did that day. If you have homeschooled any length of time you know that sometimes you can fly at lightning speed and do days’ worth of lessons in just a few hours while other days it can take 8 hours just to do one core subject lesson. I also have a tendency of adding in storybooks, videos and hands-on projects, which were not in the original lessons plans. Using this Daily Log I can compare it to my lessons plans and keep track of where I am plus it also makes for a wonderful record to store away at the end of a school year and to reference when you are setting up the next school year’s lesson plans.

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