5 Physical Activities to do Indoors

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Posted on Feb 8 2014 - 1:00am by Jill
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Do you remember being stuck indoors as a child? I do! Sometimes I would make weird noises, annoy my mom, or try dangerous stunts to relieve my cabin fever. Now that I’m a mom, I don’t like seeing my children go through the same torture. Plus, their behavior is a lot better once they let out some of that energy in positive ways!

5 Physical Activities Your Kids Can Do Indoors!

1. Dance, Dance, Dance

Who doesn’t like to dance in the privacy of their own home? Sometimes I’ll dance with the kids. We’ll take turns leading each other with different moves back and forth across the room. Then we’ll have a little dance show and take turns dancing to our favorite music; watching and clapping for each other.

Sometimes I let the children dance without me and with the help of YouTube. There are some great children’s dance videos that show them how to do simple moves. My kids have gotten pretty good at it!

2. Relay Race

Who can hop on one foot? Who can do rolls across the room? Challenge your children to a race and they won’t be able to resist! You could even set up an obstacle course or have the children set up their own.

3. Indoor Hopscotch

Bringing this outdoor game inside is easy with some masking tape. To play the traditional game you’ll need a small object to throw in the squares, like a pebble or beanbag. First you try to throw the object on a number in sequence (1-10) and hop through all the squares on one foot, skipping the number that your object is on, without touching the lines. Then you pick up your rock as you hop all the way back to the first square.

Of course, you can have two feet down if their are two squares next to each other and you can play however you want, but that’s how I give my eldest daughter a little challenge.

4. Hot Lava

Don’t touch the floor or you’ll lose an arm or leg! You can change up the story however you want. The object is to travel from pillow to pillow without touching the floor. This gets children excited about practicing their jumping abilities. Challenge children to travel from one end of the room to the other and vary the space between, and size of the objects they have to travel on.

5. Tickle Time!

This works every time! Kids need a good laugh to get those wiggles out. When in doubt, tickle it out!

What kinds of physical activities do your children like to do indoors?

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