Pocket Charts and Music: Upper/Lower Case Letter Review

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Posted on Jan 30 2014 - 1:00am by Victoria
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Now that we have learned most of our alphabet letters, reviewing games are a great way to keep your child’s mind active on past letters learned. Remember that learning letter recognition is an important part of early literacy for your child. Children absorb information quickly, so the best way to do so is by games and music. I know that my child cannot sit still for more than a few minutes at a time, but by me incorporating Pockets Charts and Music into our curriculum it helps her review what she already knows in a fun active way. We have already learned the difference between upper case and lower case letters and their sounds, so one of the games that I did during our holiday break and will continue to do in January is a review of her letters and sequencing. I want her to be able to match her upper case with the lower case letter, but to also be able to sequence them in alphabetical order.

A great easy way to create your games is to use Cutouts or Accents. I used the Snowman Accent from Teacher Created Resources and then wrote the letters using a black permanent marker. These cutouts are great because you don’t have to worry about printing them and laminating them, plus there are many different styles and seasonal ones you can use for practically anything. I use these a lot for games when I’m crunched with time. Plus they fit in my purse and make great on the go games or flash cards.

For this specific game I wrote all the upper case and lower case letters we have already learned on a snowman. I then placed them around the pocket chart and told her she needed to find and pair up the letters that would go together (upper and lower case). I then had her place them in a row. Once she had paired up all her letters together I had her move them so that they were in alphabetical order. So by the end she had paired up upper and lower case letters and then placed them all in alphabetical order. This is something that she is able to do on her own and if help needed she has her alphabet chart right above her pocket chart. Another great resource to use is an alphabet CD or music. When we play games like this I usually let her listen to a song or CD that matches what she is doing. One of our favorites is Sing to Learn by Dr. Jean, she has a great alphabet song that my girls will listen to over and over again 🙂 Even my 2 year old is beginning to learn her letters because she is constantly exposed to them.

Make sure to visit next month when I share how we use our Pocket Chart and Music for some Math Counting!

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