Nutter Butter Penguins

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Posted on Jan 14 2014 - 1:00am by Jill
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We have a thing about making Nutter Butters into other cute seasonal cookies. We have made turkeys, snowmen, and even chicks! This year for a good friend of ours, we decided to try making some penguins!

I gathered the need ingredients: Nutter Butters, white candy melts, black candy melts (could use dark chocolate too), mini M&Ms, and for beaks I went with these awesome Starburst minis (I had no clue these existed, but I am happy I know now)!

I cut the orange Starburst minis diagonally to get two triangular beaks out of each one. Then we started by dipping the Nutter Butters in the white candy melts and adding the eyes and beaks.


After letting them dry, I let the girls break off the extra chocolate from the edges (and eat it).

I had planned on doing the next part, but the girls insisted that they do it, so they did! I melted the black candy melts (which surprisingly don’t have that bad black food coloring flavor) and the girls rolled the edges of each cookie in it. I think next time we will wait and put the eyes on after the black candy melts (and therefore on the black part of the cookie); that way they won’t get half covered with chocolate.

And here are our finished penguins! The girls were thrilled with their creations; each one a unique little cookie made with lots of love!
And our penguin loving friend adored them! Especially the blue eyed ones!


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