The Mitten Book Study

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Posted on Jan 10 2014 - 1:00am by Jill
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Since winter is here I thought it might be beneficial to create a book study to accompany one of our favorite winter books: The Mitten by Jan Brett.  If you are not familiar with this children’s book then I highly recommend that you find a copy, be it on your electronic reader, borrow it from your library, or even purchase it for yourself.  This Ukrainian folktale follows the path of the main characters new wool mitten as if flies through the forest and what those forest animals do to the boy’s mitten.

The Mitten Book Study - Enchanted Homeschooling Mom

In this 100 page book study there are a lot of activities for your PreK through 3rd grade child or student. Some of the included elements are for language arts, writing, social studies, science, theater, and motor skills are…

Wall Cards

Included is a set of character wall cards for you to use while you are reading the storybook.

Early Learning Handwriting Pages

Included are handwriting practice pages for your child or student to use to recognize some of the words from the storybook.  This are provided in trace fonts so that your child or student can also practice tracing the letters.

Writing Prompts

Include are various writing prompts themed to the storybook and the folktale contained in the storybook. The topics are varied, but include (at a minimum): personification, animal facts, etc.

Book Report Form

Include for the storybook is a book report form that should be used by your child or student to demonstrate their reading comprehension.

What is a folktale?

Since the storybook is a folktale a section is provided that teaches your child or student about what a folktale is.

Social Studies – Ukraine

Included is a unique set of pages dedicated to teaching your child or student about the basics of what and where the county of the Ukraine is.

Geography – Ukraine

Because the folktale in the storybook is set in the Ukraine, a series of pages has been dedicated to teaching your child or student about the County of the Ukraine.

Science – Hibernation

Some of the animals in this storybook hibernate.  Do you know what hibernation is? If not, then a worksheet about hibernation has been added for your child or student to use.

Animal Activities

Included are a series of activities that discuss and teach about each of the animals in the storybook.  Each animal has discussions on what its characteristics are, some adjectives to describe the animal, and a fun coloring page.

My Book of Animal Colors

Included for your younger learner is a book that discusses the colors of the animals in the book, gives facts about each animal, and has pictures for your child or student to color based on the storybook illustrations.

ABC Order

Included is an activity based on some of the words in the book.  The ABC Order worksheets are set up so you order certain words form the storybook in alphabetical order.

Color Matching

Included is a fun game where your younger learner can practice their color to color word matching skills.

Noun, Adjective, Verb Sort Game

Included is a fun game where your child or student sorts a pile of words into the appropriate noun, adjective, or verb pile hat the word belongs to.

Maze Fun

For the younger learners I have also included some fun mazes for them to solve.

That is a lot right? In summary, included in this Book Study are the following educational components:

  • Wall Cards
  • Early Learning Handwriting Pages
  • Writing Prompts
  • Book Report Form
  • What is a folktale?
  • Social Studies – Ukraine
  • Geography – Ukraine
  • Science – Hibernation
  • Animal Activities
  • My Book of Animal Colors
  • ABC Order
  • Color Matching
  • Noun, Adjective, Verb Sort Game
  • Maze Fun

Hopefully you and your children can have some Mitten themed winter fun learning with this book study as Elizabeth and I intend to have.

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