How To Clean Your Oven Racks The Pixie Dust Way

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Posted on Jan 16 2014 - 1:00am by Jill
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How To Clean Your Oven Racks The Pixie Dust Way - Enchanted Homeschooling Mom
Welcome back to the second month of the monthly series called Enchanted Home Cleaning Secrets! I don’t know about you but I hate, absolutely positively hate, to clean my oven. However; I LOVE to bake so the two kind of go hand-in-hand. I have always struggled to get my oven racks clean since they are so large, bulky and tend to need a lot of time and elbow grease put into cleaning them. For the past few years I have used this fantastic, yet off the wall, way of cleaning your oven racks that I wanted to share with all of you how you can clean your oven racks easily. Due to my arthritis that I have dealt with most of my life in one way shape or form some days my hands just don’t have the ability to really get a deep down scrub so I also love this method since it saves me the physical pain and grief that can go along with scrubbing.
Now to get down to the dirty work … Lay down a towel (that you do not mind getting dirty or spotted) on the bottom of your bathtub. Then place the oven racks on top of the towel (so that the racks do not mark your bathtub). Then plug your tub and add HOT water (not warm but very hot). Then add a small amount of laundry detergent and 2 tablespoons of baking soda under the running water. Depending on how dirty your oven racks are let it sit for several hours or overnight. You will see most of the grease and dirt float off of it in the water with very little to no scrubbing involved. If you find that your oven racks still have a layer of film or grease then take a scrub brush, sponge or SOS pad to them and watch the dirt, food, or grime easily get scrubbed right off. Rinse them off well in the tub with dish soap and let them air dry. When they are dry they will look like brand new with very little elbow grease having gone into cleaning them. It’s like Tinkerbell came and threw some magic cleaning pixie dust on your oven racks!
How To Clean Your Oven Racks The Pixie Dust Way - Enchanted Homeschooling Mom
How To Clean Your Oven Racks The Pixie Dust Way - Enchanted Homeschooling Mom

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  • kELI

    this is genius! going to do this right now 🙂

  • Going to give this a go, thanks! x

  • Joy from Yesterfood

    Oh my goodness, this is a great idea! I'm so glad you shared it at Treasure Box Tuesday- thank you for joining us! 🙂

  • dadriscoll

    Good tip! Thanks for sharing at Silver Pennies Sundays! x