Pocket Charts and Music: Picture & Word Matching Games

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Posted on Dec 4 2013 - 1:00am by Victoria
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Pocket Charts and Music: Picture & Word Matching Games - Enchanted Homeschooling Mom

A great way to review beginning sounds for early readers is to play Picture and Word Matching Games. Although, my daughter is not quite reading yet, she is beginning to sound out letters and realizes that she can figure out what the word says by looking at the beginning sounds of each word. So this month we are using our Pocket Chart for a Christmas Matching Game!

Pocket Chart Games

To layout out the game I organized the pictures in a row underneath each other on one side of the Pocket Chart. On the other side of the Pocket Chart I lined up all the words, making sure they are not in order. This is the same thing as matching the pictures on a worksheet by drawing a line across to the correct word, this just make it interactive and fun for your child.

Pocket Chart Matching Game

The first thing we do is go over all the pictures, just to make sure that she knows what they are. Then we read all the words on the opposite side. She then works independently while I watch near by just in case she needs some help. Immediately she remembers some of the words from when we read them together, then she begins using the beginning sound and letter of each word to try and figure out where they belong. By using process of elimination she is able to complete the game mostly on her own. She loved it so much, that we play the game at least once a day!

Pocket Chart Christmas Matching Word Picture Game

After a few days my daughter was beginning to blend sounds together to read the words. I really do think that she has enjoyed reading and has grasped beginning sounds very well since playing our game. Once she got the hang of it, we decided that we could also use the picture and word cards to play a Memory Game! Even my youngest got a chance to play the matching game. By turning the pictures around so she could see them, she was able to find the two matching pictures. So there you have it, two games in one using your Pocket Chart!

Toddler Pocket Chart Matching Game

Download MyPocket Chart Christmas Matching Game

Print out on Card Stock and then Laminate for extra durability. For the Memory Game make sure to print out two of each page!

*Pocket Chart Picture and Word Matching Game Printable, Created Exclusively for Enchanted Homeschooling Mom Readers!*

Clip Art Used in this Printable is by: Grafos

What other ways do you use your pocket charts?

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