Paint Stirrer Snowmen

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Posted on Dec 3 2013 - 1:00am by Ashley
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So we have been deciding on a paint color for our dining room for about 3 (maybe 6) months now. We have lots of samples and lots of colorful dots on the wall and lots of paint stirrers! With winter coming I decided to put them to good use (since obviously painting the dining rooms not a priority) and make some snowmen!


You start by painting the sticks white. In fact the kids were so fast at this I didn’t get any process pictures! They do require a couple coats though, and I did those while they were sleeping!


Next you need a stray glove, or if you don’t have one pick up the cheapie knit gloves (you’ll want adult size). Just make sure it is a stretchy glove that you don’t mind cutting up. All the kids wanted different colors, so we used one glove per snowman, but you could easily make two per glove. Start by cutting off the thumb to use for the hat (if you are using your glove for 2 you will also have to cut off about 2 inches of a finger).  Then cut off one of the long fingers as long as you can get it! Then cut up each side of the finger leaving the tip. This should leave you with a long piece to use as a scarf.


Place your hat on the top (use a little hot glue to secure) and roll up the brim. Then hot glue your scarf on however you like.


For the faces we used googly eyes, a sharpie to make the mouth, and a tiny orange Pom Pom for the nose.


We used jewels for the buttons, but buttons would be cute too (I just have some sparkle lovers).  We also glued a sparkly Pom Pom to the top of the hat!

And there you have it……snowmen, all ready for winter!


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