Pack Your Bags! And follow me to Egypt Lapbook

Welcome to the Pack Your Bags monthly pack update.   I hope you enjoyed learning about the country of Brazil last month. This month we will be journeying to the country of Egypt.  As with each month in the Pack Your Bags! Monthly Lapbooking Series, you will find the following components to help your student enhance their knowledge of Egypt:

Pack Your Bags Lapbook Series Lesson 5

  • Encyclopedia Search themed to the County
  • Create a Travel Brochure activity themed to the Country
  • The following lapbook components themed to the Country:
  • Fun Facts
  • How Seasons Affect People in this Country Flap
  • Map the Country
  • Flag/Money/Population/Languages Book
  • Geography Book
  • Wall Card (for those after the the current ones)

And then do not forget to practice and review your new found wealth of information by playing the Pack Your Bags Country Fun Facts Game! And reviewing the Pack Your Bags Wall Cards.  Both of these items can be found in the found in the introductory pack.

Pack Your Bags! Monthly Lapbook Series

So Pack Your Bags! For some fun and follow along as you learn about the facts, geography, people, currency, landforms, and much, much more in this month’s installment of the Pack Your Bags! Lapbook Monthly Series. Next month we head to the county of Greece.

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