Season Tree Sun Catchers

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Posted on Nov 7 2013 - 3:00am by Ashley
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This project started with Eli’s discovery of the oil pastels while I was laminating some things. Out of curiosity I scribbled in a laminating pouch and laminated it just to see what would happen. And so these cute sun catchers were born! It was great to have something so simple that the 2 year old could participate too!


To start with we traced their kids hands onto construction paper along with part of their arm to be the trunk of the tree. I did the two littler ones, but Bria wanted to do her own. 


Then I set them all loose with oil pastels in autumn colors to draw in the laminating pouches. The girls decided to draw more trees along with leaves. Eli scribbled all over the inside of the laminating pouch, and was upset when I took it to laminate it!


Once they were happy with their creation, I put in the hand tree trunk and laminated it!

It created a lovely sun catcher! Here are their autumn trees.

The girls had such a good time with the autumn ones that they wanted to do the rest of the seasons. Each time we started with a hand print for the branches. We varied the colors to match the seasons, and then we used appropriately colored pastels for the season.

Here is winter:

Eli moved on to something else after winter, but the girls continued on to spring and summer.

Here is spring:

And here is summer:

Even I had to give it a try. I cut out a tree and put all 4 seasons in one.


I did find that it works best when you use a lot of color and draw on both sides of the lamination pouch. The colors end up overlapping and blending more that way. For mine I tried to color around the tree, but the kids just drew all over the laminating pouch, even overlapping the tree.


Then you can hang in the window for some awesome seasonal art!
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