E.H.M. Monthly Meal Planner – Month 14

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Posted on Nov 17 2013 - 10:00am by Jill
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E.H.M. Monthly Meal Planner - Month 14

Welcome back and thank you for taking a look at my 14th monthly installment of our family’s meal planning.  I have included more recipes that are linked up to my Monday Thoughtful Spot Weekly Blog Hop . With Thanksgiving upon us this year we will not be hosting Thanksgiving in our home, so I have some days without recipes because we will be with family, but I have included my recipes and desserts from last year for those of you that missed them. I have a menu for the day and for all the desserts that I like to make, complete with recipe links too!  I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving!  Then, after Thanksgiving it is on to the Christmas season and occasionally our family has to eat out because we are off seeing decorations, participating in family traditions, or caroling, so those days I have included those events and no meal will be planned on those days.

As a side note, please also remember that I am still including some sort of fruit or vegetable component in all meals, breakfast, lunch, and dinner and that if no specific one is listed it is because everyone lives in different places I cannot truly tell what will be available everywhere based on the time of year and I would hate to have you all spending lots of money to get fruits and veggies that are out of season where you and, but are readily available where I am.  Fresh fruits and veggies can be a struggle, but I am finding that as Beck and Elizabeth get older they are trying different fruits and veggies and we are all finding new seasonal favorites too.

Budget Note: This meal planner includes all of our family’s monthly menus for the next 4 weeks. We typically spend $300-$350 (not including sundry items) for one month of food for our family of four plus four dogs. Since we live very rural, if I do not continue to plan well in advance our family can end up spending more on the gasoline for our trip than we do for the food that we are actually there to purchase, especially with gas prices seemingly rising all the time around us.  When we do our shopping once a month it is a big haul, but we do pick up fresh fruits and vegetables from a local farmers weekly and get milk and dairy about every 2 weeks.

E.H.M. Monthly Meal Planner - Month 14 - Enchanted Homeschooling Mom

So, without further ado, please find the following components of this month’s interactive meal planner:

  • Meal Planner for 11/17 – 11/23
  • Meal Planner for 11/24 – 11/30
  • Meal Planner for 12/1 – 12/7
  • Meal Planner for 12/8 – 12/14
  • Thanksgiving Menu (with recipe links)
  • Thanksgiving Dessert Menu (with recipe links)
  • Meal Planner – Blank Week
  • Select E.H.M. Favorite Recipes
  • Blank Family Shopping List (Food, Sundries, you name it included)
  • Blank Costco Shopping List
  • Shopping Lesson Pack focusing on budgeting lessons
  • Shopping Lesson for Younger Children

I am happy to continue to share previous month’s meal planners.  I keep all the recipes, planners, and lessons on my blog, so please make sure to check out my Meal Planning Page for more tips and recipes for when it comes to monthly shopping from month’s past!

If you use this meal planners, I hope it helps make your planning a little easier, or at the very least, give you some new recipes. I will continue to share my monthly meal planners with you each month as I create them for my family.

Please Enjoy!

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EHM Monthly Meal Planner 14

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