Christmas Elf Printable Activities Kit

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Posted on Nov 3 2013 - 11:00am by Jill
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If your family is like ours, then at Christmas time Santa sends a special Elf to help keep a watch on your family and keep everyone cheerful, happy, having good family fun, and steering your children to be on, and stay on, Santa’s Nice List!

Christmas Elf Printable Activities Kit - Enchanted Homeschooling Mom

In this amazingly fun Christmas Elf Activities printable I have created a wide variety of elements to use to make your Christmas Elf Activities fun (and to make it easy on you, as the helper of your family Elf).  I have included a handful of great components to help make this a special activity for your family.  You will find the following components in this Christmas Elf Activities pack:

  • Parent Instructions with a supply list (these pages)
  • Letter from Santa announcing the arrival of your family’s Christmas Elf
  • Envelope for Santa’s announcement letter
  • Elf Report
  • Calendar for Thanksgiving through Christmas 2013
  • 26 Elf Activity Cards (and some blank ones too)

I have included the parent instructions to help you wrangle in all the fun and keep it as organized as you want to.  The activities I included are some of our family’s favorite ones and some new ones I am trying out this year too.  Because each family is different I have also included blank cards to use your own favorites too.  Another great component that I have included is a blank calendar for Thanksgiving through Christmas 2013 that I will be using to help me organize and plan out our family’s Christmas Elf adventures.

I hope your family can have as much fun as ours through the use of these Christmas Elf Activities.  To help make your family’s Christmas time more fun, I am providing this to you FREE and invite you all to print out and use this FREE and fun Christmas Elf Activity Pack:

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Christmas Elf Printable Activities Kit

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Jessica Weible

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