8 Reasons Every Homeschool Should Have a Garden!

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Posted on Nov 21 2013 - 1:00am by Jill
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We started a garden because we thought that it would be a healthier way to feed our family, we had no clue it would revolutionize our homeschool! We discovered that you can teach almost anything in a garden.

why have a garden

8 Valuable Lessons You Can Teach With a Garden

Math: Your garden is 4ft by 8ft. You can plant 6 seeds per sq. ft. How many seeds can you plant in your garden? The new fruit tree needs 5 gallons of water every 3 days. How many gallons of water does the tree need per month? What then is the average crop yield ratio per plant?

Planning: Gardens will force you to plan (and dream) for the future. When will you plant? When will you harvest? What will you grow next year? Will you expand?

Strategy: What should you plant and where? Should you grow your crops up? What crops grow best in your area, with your soil?

Reading and Writing: Okay, a little stretch, but there are seeds packages to read and labels to write.

God: You could talk about dirt. You just don’t know what a blessing it is until you work a garden. God has covered the earth with dirt and it is the sustenance of all life. You could also sit and watch as the bees pollinate the flowers, the flowers turn to fruit and then the seeds fall the ground. What a perfect system and design. Talk about how God provided for our all our needs in creation.

Scientific Method: Why is the lettuce wilting? Why are there holes in the beets. Why are these peas growing faster than those peas. These are all questions that can be answered using the scientific method. Come up with a hypothesis and test it.

Business: You could let your children sell the surplus fruits and vegetables. If there aren’t any, it is still good to calculate the fair market value of your crop. Record your harvest and then go to the grocery store and figure out the market value of each fruit and vegetable that you grew. After subtracting your “costs,” were you profitable? What would it take to produce a profitable crop?

Defense: Yes, you can even learn to wage war – there are pill bugs, aphids, and weeds to deal with!

why every homeschool should garden

I have only touched the surface, what other things could you teach in your garden? Please leave a comment. (If you don’t have a garden, the fall is a great time to get a garden ready for next year. You could also dabble in indoor gardening, or at least a grow a few herbs in a windowsill.)

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