Yarn Pumpkins

I was hoping to have some cute little pumpkins from our pumpkin vine to decorate with this year, but due to my “black thumb” and the current drought the vine didn’t make any pumpkins (it is barely holding on right now). So I decided we would make some pumpkins for our table this fall! We came up with Yarn Pumpkins!

To make our yarn pumpkins we started with various sized balloons, orange yarn,  glue (we used a combination of Elmer’s, water, and some flour to thicken it), and pipe cleaners.
Cut the yarn into long pieces. For younger kids you may have to use slightly shorter pieces, but I would use pieces as long as can be handled. Dip the yarn in the glue and then remove excess.
Then wrap the yarn around the balloon securing the ends under pieces of yarn. I wrapped mine similar to the grooves in real pumpkins. You don’t want them to be too perfect or they won’t have any flat area to sit on!

I had to do a few to create a base for the girls because they couldn’t seem to get any yarn to stick. Once they had a start they could create any pattern they wanted.

Then we hung our pumpkins outside to dry (it is still quit warm here).

I was surprised when I went out a couple hours to find all our balloons had shrunk away from our yarn!  If they hadn’t done this we would have gently pushed the balloons away from the yarn to loosen it prior to popping.

Once dry, remove the balloon and any excess glue (if you did this with a young child you may have quite a bit). 
Finally you can add pipe cleaner stems and vines. I used a brown pipe cleaner looped around and secured inside the pumpkin. Then we twisted it to get the stem. We added a green pipe cleaner for the vine; just use your finger to get it to curl.
And you have a pumpkin. They may not be perfect pumpkins, but you rarely find perfect pumpkins in nature either.  The girls were pretty happy with them!

Now we have 4 pumpkins on our table just waiting for fall!


Ashley from Life With Moore Babies

Ashley is classic strong-willed child, she fulfilled her lifelong dream of becoming a veterinarian in 2005 only to realize a new dream had formed, having a family with her husband (another strong-willed child).  After much heartache, they were blessed with 2 daughters and a son, who are all proving to be just as spirited as their parents! Though she is still working part-time, she fills her days off with fun activities and lots of learning with her three kids.  And this is where the blog comes in, Life with Moore Babies is where she documents the activities they do and the places they go in hopes that someone might be inspired to do some “fun learning” with their kids. You can find Ashley on Facebook, Pinterest, Google +, and Twitter.



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  1. says

    Those turned out SO cute! We've tried yarn ornaments and didn't have much luck… perhaps we didn't use enough glue?! I like how you made pumpkins though!

    • says

      You have to use a good amount of glue and make sure the ends are tucked in. When the girls tried on their own the pumpkins had loose strings hanging off where they didn't tuck the ends under.

  2. thecraftingfoodie says

    What a great idea! I love how the kids can do the creative portions of the craft all by themselves (or at least with minimal adult help).

  3. says

    This craft is lovely, well, at least for the kids who don't mind glue :) I actually want to make a couple of those just for myself :) Thanks for sharing with Afterschool!

  4. grtlyblesd says

    Cute! I'm amazed at how many more pumpkin ideas there are now that we have Pinterest, lol. It's a little overwhelming.

  5. crystal says

    Thanks for sharing this super cute craft at my weekly linky party at Crystal and Comp! I also shared with my FB group and I pinned it of course!

  6. says

    Thanks for sharing this on our After School Linky Party! Just shared this as my top pick this week on our Facebook Page and Pinterest Board! Can't wait to try it out with my daugthers this weekend!

  7. ALLISON says

    What a fun and festive craft! I'll be featuring these on The Sunday Showcase this weekend. Thanks for linking up!

  8. says

    These turned out so cute! I'd love to make some with the kids to decorate for fall! Thank you so much for linking up to this week's Discover & Explore!

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