My Ten Thankful Days of Thanksgiving

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Posted on Oct 26 2013 - 1:00am by Jill
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With Thanksgiving right around the corner it is time to start thinking about what we are all thankful for in our lives.  Each family and person, child or adult, will have something different to be thankful for.  To help celebrate being thankful I have come up with a catchy learning song for Thanksgiving set to the Twelve Days of Christmas.

This song is set for the time period of the Pilgrims and Beck and Elizabeth could imagine that this was a song that the Pilgrims sang while setting up and cleaning up after the first Thanksgiving.  This song pack features the following skill components:

  • Rhythm and rhyme through the lyrics
  • Reinforcement through the repetition of each day
  • Counting to ten
  • Trace work for younger learners
  • Small extension projects for older readers

My Ten Thankful Days of Thanksgiving

I created this pack to use with Beck and Elizabeth as we get ready for Thanksgiving.  We do other thankful activities with friends, family, and ourselves, but this one is very fun and I hope you can enjoy it as well.

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