Free Personalized Letters from Santa Program

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Posted on Oct 5 2013 - 1:00am by Jill
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Free Personalized Letters from Santa Program

Ho, ho, ho! Since this was such a big hit last year and I was able to help spread the Christmas magic to over 4,000 children I want to provide a similar program this year as well. I have recently just completed another year at elf training in the mail department at the North Pole and through this training I have revamped certain portions of the letter and envelope so that they are different this year yet still the same while making sure that the final letter and envelope template had Santa’s seal of approval. Now that I have the big guy’s approval it is time to start spreading the cheer to all your children far and near!

This year’s free personalized printable Santa letter contains 1 personalized letter to your child from Santa for you to print. You can see an example of this letter below:

Free Personalized Letters from Santa Program

And you will also receive a 2nd page that will be your envelope. You can see an example of this envelope below:

Free Personalized Letters from Santa Program

As an added bonus this year the Elves and I have come up with an optional door hanger to let your children hang on their doors on Christmas Eve to let Santa know that they believe. You can see an example of this door hanger below:

Free Personalized Letters from Santa Program

Plus more included with letter! You can deliver the letter however you choose (some possible suggestions on how to deliver the letter: hand place it in your mailbox, put it under their pillow, place it on your Christmas tree, place it by the fireplace or so on). Make it fun!

If you would like a personalized letter from Santa please just click the button below to fill out the information in the pop up form. *Please note: No Santa letters will be sent to you if you email me directly or use any of my other forms of contact other than the one included in this button. This is due to the fact that last year alone I created and emailed off over 4,000 individual Santa letters by myself so I am trying to streamline this process to put your information where I can access it away from my prying little Elves eyes (i.e. my children) who use my phone for school and fun and see my emails. Using this button only will help me bring some Christmas magic to more children this year. My workshop closes on December 14th, 2013 at midnight so that I am able to complete all incoming letter requests prior to Christmas.

My workshop doors have closed for the 2014 Christmas season.

Once you submit your information please understand that this will be done in my “free time” and is not an automated process as it is all hand done by only myself, so it may take me a few days to get your letter back to your via email. Thank you to those who elect to participate this year and I look forward to helping to bring some Christmas magic to many families this year.


Merry Christmas everyone!


Clip art and special thanks for permission to use for this project:

NRC Design Studio

Additional clip art used in this program by:

Jessica Weible

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