Toilet Paper Roll Puppets

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Posted on Sep 18 2013 - 1:00am by Ashley
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Puppets are such a great way to encourage creativity in children, and they are even better when you can make them yourself! With some paint, fabric, yarn, hot glue, and toilet paper rolls you can put together some cute puppets (and don’t worry, no sewing is required). 

To start with paint your toilet paper rolls whatever color you want your puppets skin (or fur or scales).  The girls wanted a king, queen, and two princesses.

Once they are dry you can paint on the eyes, nose, and mouth (you could also use buttons or beads if you prefer not to draw).  

While waiting for the faces to dry you can create any accessories you need. In our case we needed crowns. The king and queen’s crowns were made from another toilet paper roll, and the princess crowns were made from scrapbook paper and ribbon. (I apologize for no pictures of the crowns alone; not sure how they missed out.)

Once everything is dry you can start gluing yarn in the top of the edge of the toilet paper tube or inside of any hat you are using. Then just glue the hat (or crown in our case) on top.

Now you are ready to give your puppet some clothes. Cut a square of fabric; I was lazy and used pinking shears rather then hemming the fabric. Cut a small slit in the center of the fabric that the toilet paper tube can just fit through. Holding the fabric wrong side out insert the bottom of the toilet paper tube through the hole and secure with a rubber band.

Flip over and you have a puppet! Simply insert your fingers in the toilet paper tube and play away! If you want your puppet to have hands you can loop a rubber band around your free finger on one side, behind the puppet, and on your thumb on the other side.

Once they are all finished you are ready to put on a puppet show!


The girls had a good time making up stories with their puppets. They also had a good time trying to hide behind the puppets when I was taking pictures.

With a little creativity and a few toilet paper rolls you can make up a whole variety of people and animal puppets to encourage your child’s imagination!

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