Room on the Broom Storybook Art Project

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Posted on Sep 1 2013 - 1:00am by Jill
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Room on the Broom Art Project

One of our family’s favorite Halloween themed storybooks has always been Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson. Even though throughout the years we have probably read this story hundreds of times, we all still chuckle at the plot of the story. This year I decided to have Beck and Elizabeth create artwork centered on this storybook to display for one of our favorite books.

I am a firm believer that whether you are artistically inclined or perhaps art is just not your thing, that there is beauty in everyone’s art. This is something that I have had to work especially hard at instilling in our son Beck because he is a perfectionist at heart and art is generally not his forte. We used the storybook Room on the Broom as our inspiration to create this storybook art project. To help make this particular art project jump out to life we first made the witches broom using rubber bands, a straw that I cut in half, construction paper, and masking tape like this:

Room on the Broom Storybook Art Project

To do this I cut all of the rubber bands in half and then in half again. Then I took the masking tape and arranged all of the rubber bands on the masking tape and slowly the children wrapped the masking tape around one end of their straws. Finally, the children cut out rectangular shapes in brown construction paper. Then they wrapped the brown construction paper around the straw using small pieces of masking tape on the back to hold the shape of the construction paper to make the handle of the witches’ broom. Here is what is ended up looking like (without the construction paper around them):

Room on the Broom Storybook Art Project

The next step was to use pastel water colors to outline the scene from their favorite part of the story.  Ironically, both Beck and Elizabeth choose to use different parts of the story.  This means that we will have two different scenes to decorate with!

Room on the Broom Storybook Art Project Room on the Broom Storybook Art Project

Then, using cut up sponges I had Beck and Elizabeth mix together white and gray washable Tempera paint to create the foggy, looming storm sky that is in several of the scenes of the storybook. This created the following effect on their pictures:

Room on the Broom Storybook Art Project Room on the Broom Storybook Art Project

Then I had the children grab their watercolors again and finish creating their favorite scenes.

Room on the Broom Storybook Art Project

Now it was time to create and cut out the witch, some of the animals from the story, the witches hat and her all important cauldron. After gluing on the broom (with the cauldron attached just like in the storybook), both Beck and Elizabeth glued on their characters like this:

Room on the Broom Storybook Art Project Room on the Broom Storybook Art Project Room on the Broom Storybook Art Project

At one point in the painting process Elizabeth lost her broom and could not find it anywhere. We almost tore apart the entire school room looking for it.  Any guesses on where it was? Why it magically appeared underneath our sleeping dragon Gus Gus (see it on the left hand side). He was most disturbed when he rolled over and felt the broom poking his old dogs head.

Room on the Broom Storybook Art Project

I think that the effort and attention to details that the children put into their trees, the sky, and the brooms make their Halloween artwork come to life in a 3-dimensional way because of the different techniques they had to use for each component.  It was so much fun to watch them use several different art techniques that they have learned over the last year while using my Storybook Artist Curriculum. I hope that you and your children enjoy some spooky Halloween themed art projects this October!

Room on the Broom Storybook Art Project


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  • Eva

    I love your comment about the fact that there's beauty in everyone's art even if you're not 'arty'. I'm definitely not creative or arty so this is a nice way to think of it. Thanks for linking up on Mummy Mondays.

  • Cool! I love the mixed media idea!

  • annageig

    Love the new art project idea! Thanks so much for sharing at After School.

  • teachingyoungchildren

    It's a very cool project! Thanks for sharing with Afterschool!

  • CraftyMomsShare

    What a great activity to go with a wonderful book. It is a favorite of ours and we read it all year long. Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!!