Fire Safety Week Experiment – Putting Out a Fire without Water

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Posted on Sep 19 2013 - 1:00am by Jill
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Fire safety week happens about this time of year all over the country.  Fire safety is extremely important for my family because we live in a rural setting that is in what is called the wild land urban interface.  We live in an urban area that borders a vast wild land area.  It is a great and beautiful place to live, but this time of year can get pretty scary when you are not prepared.  Needless to say we have a great fire escape plan and practice, but we also try to understand fire and teach Beck and Elizabeth about the dangers of fire.  One of the ways to teach the children about fire safety is through some experiments with fire in a safe setting where they can be taught about it and learn to respect it.  Whether it is a kitchen stove, BBQ, campfire, or wild fire, all types of fire should be respected.

It is also important to remember the real heroes when it comes to fires are fire fighters.  They put their lives on the line every time they respond to an emergency and I want to thank them.  They sometimes perform a thankless job and as a homeschooling mom I thank them whenever we can by just simply saying thank you to them when we see them and dropping by store baked goods every few months (our local fire houses can no longer accept home baked goods).

Fire Safety Week Experiment – Putting Out a Fire without Water

Even though we leave the fire fighting to the professionals, I think it is important to teach Beck and Elizabeth about fire and how it is fought by fire fighters.  The first way is to use a fire extinguisher and water, so I have developed this experiment to illustrate how fire fighters use another chemical to fight fires.

Caution: This is not an experiment where your children or students do this work, but rather an experiment where you demonstrate the scientific principle and they observe it.


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