My Book of Greek Mythology

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Posted on Aug 30 2013 - 1:00am by Jill
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My Book of Greek Mythology

Our son Beck will be studying Greek Mythology this school year with his 4th grade studies (make sure to check out my Introduction to Greek Mythology lapbook). While I was creating the lapbook for Beck, our daughter Elizabeth kept looking over my shoulder asking who the people were in the clip art. So I decided to whip together a little color me reader that Elizabeth can read and color while she listens to her big brother and I read from the storybook that goes with the lapbook (as I am certain that she will often be listening to the chapters even though she insists that she will not). I hope that your budding Greek Mythology expert will also enjoy this simple reader as they build a curiosity to learn more about these fascinating characters and their world. I suggest reading the book The Random House Book of Greek Myths while your child colors the pictures (I was able to find a like new used version of this book from Amazon and have it shipped to my door for less than $4.00).

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