Marker Watercolors

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Posted on Aug 7 2013 - 1:00am by Jill
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Did the kids leave the lids off the markers again?  Don’t throw them away!  You can use old or dried up markers to make watercolors!

You only need three supplies:

  • jars (I use mason jars)
  • water
  • old markers

Fill the jars about 1/4 full with water.  Then drop the markers in the water upside down.  If you’re feeling especially adventurous you can try taking the markers apart like Julie from Crafting a Green World.  Even if you leave the markers intact (like the picture above), you will see the dry ink spread from the marker tips into the water almost immediately!  You can use your new watercolors after a few hours or hold onto them for months!

What do you use them for?  You can paint with them like watercolors, use them to make colored play dough, or use them to color pasta!  There are a ton of possibilities!  Your recycled markers have now become liquid watercolors, and you can use them in almost any way you would normally use watercolors!

Happy painting!

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