Introduction to Greek Mythology Lapbook

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Posted on Aug 28 2013 - 1:00am by Jill
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Introduction to Greek Mythology Lapbook

This school year I will be diving feet first into the world of Greek Mythology with our son Beck’s 4th grade studies. I have long since been a fan of Greek Mythology and I have been looking forward to sharing this world with our son.

When I set out to create my lesson plans for this school year I just simply could not find the right fit in any of the existing Greek Mythology lessons or units out there. So, I set out to reach into my Mary Poppins back of ideas and created this lapbook that covers all of the basic information that a child needs to learn about Greek Mythology. Please keep in mind that in my personal opinion, learning about Greek Mythology could be never ending. Since most children will revisit and learn the topic in different ways in different grade levels, I wanted to give our children the foundation of what Greek Mythology is really about.

In this lapbook I tried to touch on all the basic aspects of Greek Mythology as presented in the text I am planning to use.  With any topic it is easy to bogged down in details, so I tried to touch on the broad scale aspects of the selected myths to keep it age appropriate.  Also, some of the myths are not necessarily up-beat or child friendly, so I focused on parts of the Greek Myths that I would consider to be important, but also be remembered in a positive light.  Basically, I did not focus on the fact that some of the trials and tribulations were totally negative, but rather the fact that they had a tough journey to fulfill their quests.

I created this lapbook to be 19 lessons so that I can spread them out over a month; however, if you wanted to read more than one chapter and not go in depth in certain areas you certainly could complete this lapbook in half the time. To complete this lapbook you will need to purchase the book Random House Book of Greek Myths. Here are some images of this lapbook completed:

Introduction to Greek Mythology Lapbook

I do hope that you will enjoy learning about the world of Greek Mythology! Here are some other wonderful books to use throughout your Greek Mythology lessons:

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