History Rocks Part 2 Curriculum

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Posted on Aug 12 2013 - 1:00am by Jill
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It is with great joy that I am elated to share with all of you my new history curriculum, History Rocks! Part 2.  In the second and final installment of my History Rocks! Curriculum series we will be rocking our way through history recording famous people of the past and of the present as we learn about them. As with all of my curricula, I first and foremost made this to use with my children Beck and Elizabeth in our homeschool lessons, but wanted to share it with all of you as well. This curriculum is the companion curriculum to my History Rocks! Part 1 curriculum that takes children on a journey through historical figures, both of past and present. My goal in creating this curriculum is to have my children not only learn about the people in the history books, but also for them to learn about some of the people that are currently making their marks on history and this installment focuses on women in history.

History Rocks! Part 2 Curriculum - Enchanted Homeschooling Mom

This curriculum explores what would have happened if a particular female did not pursue their talent or career? In most cases that industry or our daily ways of life may have been completely altered. I have also taken the time to include a resource page (when appropriate) that is chalk-full of links so that you, as the parent and teacher, do not have to go hunting and searching for additional resources if you want to expand on the lessons. I also created this curriculum to provide a fun way to teach multiple grade levels about important people in history at the same time. Every unit study in this curriculum is customized to each influential female in history that your child will be learning about.

History Rocks Part 2 Curriculum

In the History Rocks! Part 2 curriculum you will find that each unit provides different elements about women in the past and present of our history.  Some of the learning elements that you find in this curriculum are:

  • Historical facts
  • Reading comprehension activities
  • Mapping skill activities
  • Writing assignments
  • Encyclopedia searches
  • Various Projects
  • Science Experiments
  • A fact memorization game
  • Two different comprehensive final (review) tests

Plus much more!

One of the best features of this curriculum is that you can work through it in any order that you chose.  As the parent/teacher you can select the unit study that you would like to focus on with your child. I created this curriculum to be flexible so that it will fit into anyone’s teaching style and can work alongside any core Social Studies/History/Geography curriculum to help broaden and expand my children’s (and maybe yours too) historical knowledge over the course of a school year.

My History Rocks! Part 1 covers men who have influenced history and History Rocks! Part 2 covers women who have influenced history. I created each individual unit study to focus on a single historical person to teach our children about in a fun and hands on way.  My personal plan with my History Rocks! curriculum is to alternate between Part 1 and Part 2 for the next 2 years of school. I plan to include anywhere from 1-2 lessons a week (depending on the time of the year and our work load that week). I designed History Rocks! with the this pattern in mind and for it taking 2 years to complete both programs.

Remember, when learning about history, the library will be your best resource in making and having a successful educational experience while having a fun time learning your facts. This curriculum features beautiful graphics along with some hand drawn graphics done by myself. I hope that this curriculum helps to make your learning adventure a smidge more fun this school year!

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