Animal Movement: Red Light Green Light

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Posted on Aug 10 2013 - 1:00am by Cassie
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Animal Movement: Read Light Green Light
Red light and Green light is a very classic gross motor game to play. We love playing the game. We have a small limited space in the house to do it but we do play.

A fun twist on this classic is to change how you do the movements. Then you make a game they know different and very fun! We do lots of animals movements at our house. So this game is always fun for them to do. I’m going to show you a few of them options we have but you can use any animal movements you want.

What you need: something for a red and green light (we used Spot Markers ), Photo Stacking Blocks, 3 part cards from the Zoo Pack part 1 or the Roll & Count Dice from part 6 of the Zoo Pack Update.

Animal Movement: Read Light Green Light

First step is to review the animals movements on the dice. We switch them out often by using the animal cards from the zoo pack and the phto dice. After review have them start by rolling the die to see what animal they will start with. My girls takes turns rolling the die.

Animal Movement: Read Light Green Light

Then I hold up red or green and we get started!
Animal Movement: Read Light Green Light

Doing all the animal movements is fun. Changing it up so you having to watch for lights is fun. I love the variety that it gives me for the girls.
Animal Movement: Read Light Green Light

In the middle of activity, switch it up and let the kids do the red and green light and you can take part with them! It is fun to get involved with the play.
Animal Movement: Read Light Green Light

This game is not limited to just the animals that you have cards for think of other animals the kids can create and do those as well.

Another fun way to keep track of this is to keep track of how many times they do a certain animal! When you are done you can ask how many times they did snake or frog. Make up math questions for what you did. How many more snakes than lions? How many lions and elephants? Let them think of questions as well about the numbers you get. This will put math in with your gross motor activity.

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