3 Free and Easy Ways to Make Learning Fun!

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Posted on Aug 13 2013 - 1:00am by Jill
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Homeschool Moms live to make learning fun! But sometimes we get carried away and the activities that were supposed to make learning fun, actually make learning stop! So, before you transform your front room into a traveling carnival, here are 3 free and easy ways to make learning fun.

3 simple ways to make your homeschool fun

Make It Matter…Now

In high school learning was long, hard and painful! I hated every minute, but was driven on by the fear that failure might extend my incarceration. Then as soon as I graduated school, I magically fell in love with learning.

So, what accounts for such a sudden and drastic shift in attitudes? In school, I learned because I was compelled and my learning was tied to tests, grades and papers – nothing real. Now, I learn because I want to know something, and the moment I learn, my life is better for it. I find a new recipe and my family eats better. I learn a new gardening tip and increase my produce. I discover a new teaching technique and my kids learn faster.

Learning is so fun when you see real results – and grades don’t count! Learning is fun when it enriches your life. The same is true for children. Show them practical uses for their lessons RIGHT NOW, they will love to learn!

Short and Sweet

What is your favorite ice cream? Now imagine that you are handed a single spoon full, just enough to taste it. What would happen? You would immediately crave more, right?

Now imagine, instead of a spoon-full you are handed a bucket-full. Before you finished the bucket, two things would happen: you would develop a deep-seated hatred of your favorite ice cream, and you’d probably throw up!

Well, the same is true of education. A child with a natural love of math or reading, can learn to despise it, all because his teacher (or parent) decided to drowned him in it. To avoid this pitfall, make your lesson like a single scoop of ice cream – short and sweet! Never fizzle out. Stop prematurely, long before boredom rears its ugly head! Let your children beg for more, but make them wait until tomorrow. If you do this, learning will never lose its natural appeal!

Sell It

Sell that subject! Every lesson should start off with a great sales pitch. Get excited and let it show. Tell your little ones how much fun they are going to have and what they will be able to do with their new knowledge.

Your children don’t have to learn, they get to learn! There is a huge difference between those two perspectives. As any good salesman knows, you sell from the buyers point of view. What do they need? What do they want? Once you figure out your children’s personal interests, show them how your lessons will help them meet those needs and wants.

If your little ones aren’t buying into a subject itself, offer a small reward and see if they will buy into that. The point is, once you sell your children on the benefits of their learning, their learning will naturally be more fun!

How do you Make Learning Fun?


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