Weather Detective Science Curriculum

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Posted on Jul 26 2013 - 1:00am by Jill
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It is with great excitement that I want to introduce to you all, my new science curriculum: Weather Detective, A Year Long Science Curriculum! In my latest curriculum your Weather Detective will learn their way around the scientific basics of weather.  Like all of my curriculums and most of my printables, I created this science curriculum for Beck and Elizabeth first and I hope you all will find a way to use and enjoy it too.  This curriculum will take your Weather Detective through the scientific basics of weather through discussion, hands-on experiments, and the other educational methods to learn about the inner workings of the weather.  Topics that are covered in the Weather Detective science curriculum range from the atmosphere to the climate to clouds to weather forecasting to the water cycle and much, much more.


Weather Detective Curriculum

In the over 150+ pages of this Weather Detective science curriculum you will find that the lessons are split up into 12 units and a glossary.  Each unit provides different elements that teach about the science of weather.  Some of the learning teaching elements are mimicked in each unit, but you will find the following learning elements throughout this curriculum:

  • How to Use This Curriculum
  • Weather Terms Practice
  • Weather Diagrams
  • Weather Symbols
  • Crosswords
  • Science Experiments
  • Weather Instrument Building
  • Daily Weather Logs
  • Unit Quizzes
  • Weather Terms Glossary

 Plus much more!

In a similar fashion to my other curriculums, this Weather Detective science curriculum is presented in such a way as you can split up the units in any way you wish and teach them in any order.  They will flow from Unit 1 to the end, but if you want to teach a weather subject while it is happening, like about tornadoes in the month of April, then you can simply hold that unit off and teach it in April.  The subjects of the units are as follows:

  • Unit 1 – The Atmosphere
  • Unit 2 – Temperature
  • Unit 3 – Pressure
  • Unit 4 – Wind
  • Unit 5 – Climate
  • Unit 6 – Clouds
  • Unit 7 – Fronts and Forecasting
  • Unit 8 – Thunder and Lightning
  • Unit 9 – Rain
  • Unit 10 – Snow
  • Unit 11 – Tornadoes
  • Unit 12 – Hurricanes

As an added bonus to go along with making this a comprehensive science unit and make it fun I have also included the following components:

  • How I Plan To Use This Curriculum
  • Completion Certificate
  • Flash Card Template

And, for those of you who use the PDF version of my curriculum the units and components have been bookmarked inside the document so that you should be able to use the bookmark features of your PDF document readers.

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