Top 10 Staycation Ideas

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Posted on Jul 2 2013 - 1:00am by Jill
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Staycations are the new luxury vacation for families. I mean, think about it. No long road trips. No sleepless nights. You’ll never forget to pack your tooth brush, and you can save tons of money!!! All you need are some fun things to do.

Top Staycation Ideas

Here are 10 unique staycation ideas the whole family will enjoy!


staycation ideas

1. VIP Tours

Ever wonder what takes place behind-the-scenes of your favorite businesses? Many places offer formal tours, like factories, police and fire stations. But, I bet if you asked nicely you could get a tour of almost anything. What are your children curious about? What the kitchen of a restaurant looks like? How a movie theater projects the images on the screen? Why it takes so long for the machine to put the pins back up at the bowling alley? I would love to see how they feed all the fish at the aquarium. It never hurt to ask right?

2. Outdoor Adventures

Take time to unplug and get some fresh air. Plan a hiking trip, explore a local farm, or go park hopping. Organize a scavenger hunt or camp in your backyard. You could even make your own “Water Park” with activities like the kiddie car wash below. There are so many possibilities!

kiddie car wash

3. Ultimate Movie Night

Have a movie marathon. You could make tickets just for your children and invite them to the family “Movie Theater”. Decorate the house Hollywood style and serve special homemade or store-bought snacks in Free Movie themed packaging.

Movie night free printables

4. Change Your Sleeping Arrangements

Let your children sleep where ever they want. Make them a fort to sleep in or put their mattresses together on the floor to make one big bed. Better yet, rent a room at a local hotel, enjoy the pool and don’t worry about making the bed.

staycation fort

5. Adult Time

Maybe you need some time away from the kids. You could trade watching the children with another couple and have some alone time at home, or go on a little getaway in a neighboring town. For my 2nd anniversary my husband and I simply enjoyed a day at the local zoo and a nice dinner date. Getting away can benefit both parties. When you come back you will feel so grateful for your little ones. They make life so much more exciting!

6. Learn Something New

Ever wanted to learn how to make pottery, crochet, or rock climb? Maybe you want to take a wilderness survival class before you have that outdoor adventure? Many colleges provide weekend classes for all ages! And there are tons of stores that hold free workshops or paid classes for all sorts of skills, like Williams-Sonama’s cooking classes and the Home Depot’s Kid’s Workshops.

staycation ideas

7. Take a Ride

Plane, train, automobile. Plan a mini excursion on a local train or small boat cruise. Live dangerously, (well I think these are dangerous), and try taking a helicopter or hot air balloon ride. Trips can vary from 30 minutes to an overnight getaway, but offer a change of scenery that makes you feel like your thousands of miles away.

staycation ideas

8. Live like Royalty

Don’t lift a finger. Splurge on a maid to get your house ready for the new school year. Donate your old clothing and go on a shopping spree. Or better yet, hire a personal shopper. Dine out or order in. Now, this is my kind of vacation!

9. Bring the Destination Home

Make your staycation special by using themes. Can’t go to Hawaii this year? Throw a luau in your own backyard and prepare a Hawaiian menu. Always wanted to go on an African Safari? Dress up and go to the zoo. Whatever theme you choose, be sure to take lots of pictures!

staycation ideas

10. Make Everyday a Staycation this Summer

Instead of taking a long period of time off, spread it out through the whole summer. Plan simple activities you and your children will enjoy without becoming overwhelmed. Keep the activity under 2 hours so you can get plenty of rest and aren’t stressed when you go back to work.

Before you plan your staycation, make sure you check out your local visitor’s center for more economical places to see and things to do.

What do you like to do on a Staycation?

Thanks for reading!


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