The Life of Walt Disney Lapbook

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Posted on Jul 15 2013 - 1:00am by Jill
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The Life of Walt Disney Lapbook

As many of you can already guess just by landing on my page and reading any small excerpt or overview of my blog I am a HUGE Disney fan. As I was preparing our lesson plans for this upcoming school year I wanted to make sure to wrap in several biography lapbooks.

While I will be honest with you that our children are Disney children, born and raised with the Disney products, movies, and by the overall creative atmosphere that would be Disneyland. However, I was shocked when I was recently speaking with my children and they felt that Disney was a brand and they did not know there was a man behind the ears, if you will.

Walt Disney’s creative and driven force to work outside the box, to hold tight to his vision and see his imagination come alive for all to enjoy is something that I want to instill in our children. If you have a vision and a dream, even if no one else feels that it will ever see the day of light, do not give up. Walt Disney is proof that hard work and imagination can succeed. The struggles, pitfalls, and successes that Walt Disney faced are something that any business today can relate to. So if you have a love for Disney in your household then teach your children about the man, who without his hard work and perseverance, we would not have the magical all-encompassing world of Disney.

I created this lapbook to be 12 lessons that I spread out over a two week period (however if you wanted to read more than one chapter and not go in depth you certainly could complete this lapbook in one week). To complete this lapbook you will need to purchase the book Who Was Walt Disney? Here are some images of this lapbook completed:

The Life of Walt Disney Lapbook

I do hope that you will enjoy learning more about the man behind Disney!

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