Educational Games Using Sidewalk Chalk

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Posted on Jul 21 2013 - 1:00am by Jill
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Educational Games Using Sidewalk Chalk

Sidewalk chalk! The wonderful toy we love to break out as soon as the weather permits it.  

This Summer I decided to squeeze a little more fun out of our chalk by setting up some simple and educational games for my kids! 

Sidewalk Chalk Sudoku

I saw this idea first over at The Usual Mayhem and knew it would be perfect for my 5 year old. I ended up using the instructions at DLTK as a guide for our sudoku activity.

I drew a 4×4 grid divided into four larger boxes and set up the outer shapes. Jaron’s task was to fill in the blanks so that every row, column, and larger square only had one shape/color/number in it. You can do a search for 4×4 kid’s sudoku for more ideas!  

Toddler Color Hop

A simple game I saw here that all the kids love and helps my 2 year old get over the idea that all colors are called “pink.” Draw the circles and fill them in, and they hop to a color and the name. Variations include them hopping to the color you call out.


Chalk Simon Game

Remember the electronic Simon game? So simple and so fun. Here is a fun adaptation I found. Draw the circle of colored “buttons” and they step on them in the order you called them out, remembering the sequence as it grows.

You say “Red.” They step on red.

You say “Red blue.” They step on red and then blue.

The more you add, the more challenging it is to remember the sequence!


Sidewalk Beanbag Toss

This is a great way for all the young ones to practice their math. (Idea found here.) Draw shape outlines in different colors and assign them a unique number. The kids toss a beanbag to the right spot depending on your instructions. For example…

  • Throw to the shape that has three sides
  • Throw to the pentagon
  • Throw to the blue shape
  • Throw to the 5
  • Throw to the number that is 6 minus 2

Sight Word Hopscotch

A fun, kinesthetic way to review sight words is to put them in a hop scotch game! (Idea found here.) Another idea is to let them shoot the right word with a water gun.

 Spell My Name Hopscotch

My girls have been learning to spell their names, so this idea was a better hopscotch game for them. They hop on each letter as they say it and then say their full name at the end!

Aren’t those fun? Check out my Homeschool Outdoor Activities Pinterest board for more chalk learning game ideas.

Have fun!

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