Hula Hoop Gross Motor

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Posted on Jun 15 2013 - 1:00am by Cassie
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Hula Hoop Gross Motor
The hula hoop is a classic toy. It has so many different uses. My hope is that you will learn a few new ways to use the hula hoop today. We have several of them: traditional, hopping & walking, rolling, and stepping.

What you need: several hula hoops.

There is always the traditional way to use the hoop. You can see the girls spinning it around their waist. We have worked on this for a few weeks. They love it, but get frustrated. Like all things it takes practice. It is great for building muscles in the stomach. Now they have fun seeing how long they can keep it up.

Hopping and Walking with Many Hula Hoops
I put 6 hula hoops in a pyramid pattern and let the girls hop around them similar to hopscotch. Always remind them to look where they are jumping. Give them some different movements to work on. You can start on both sides of the hoops, change configurations, call out color patterns to follow, or switch between one or both legs. If you want to make it hard put two different colors in the pyramid and only let them jump to one color.

I also like to put them in a circle and have them walk around. Always remind them to watch where they are stepping. It is not hard to step on the hula hoops. We might stop in each hula hoop and hop with both feet in place, or hop 10 times on one leg and then repeat on the next leg.
Hopping and Walking with 1 Hula Hoop
If you only have one hula hoop you can walk around the outside of the hoop forward and backwards. Then you can hop in and out of the hoop. It is fun and easy to do!


Rolling the Hula Hoop
Rolling the hula hoop is fun. It takes them a time or two to get it going right. After you roll the hop you run after it and try and catch it. It is always a a lot of fun.
Stepping Through
This is an activity for combining skills. Use the hula hoop like a jump rope, only slower. You swing it around and step through and bring it over the head and repeat. We do this several times and the girls really enjoy it. It has helped my oldest with the skills for a real jump rope by breaking down the movements.
These are just a few simple ways to use a hula hoop! How do you use a hula hoop at your house?

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