E.H.M. Monthly Meal Planner – Month 9

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Posted on Jun 3 2013 - 3:00am by Jill
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E.H.M. Monthly Meal Planner

Welcome back and thank you for taking a look at my 9th monthly installment of our family’s meal planning.  This month’s meal planning includes a few new recipes and some variations on some old one.  Also this month includes Father’s Day Surprises.  These are a few meals that we plan to do for my hubby, but typically every family is different, so please feel free to do what you wish to make that day special in your home.  We also have a birthday this month too, so that night’s dinner will be picked by the birthday person, so I have no clue what that will be right now.  Again, the blank family shopping lists are included and I still hope these are helpful to some of you who are using this meal planner.

Budget Note: This meal planner includes all of our family’s monthly menus for the next 4 weeks. We typically spend $300-$350 (not including sundry items) for one month of food for our family of four plus four dogs. Since we live very rural, if I do not continue to plan well in advance our family can end up spending more on the gasoline for our trip than we do for the food that we are actually there to purchase, especially with gas prices seemingly rising all the time around us.  When we do our shopping once a month it is a big haul, but we do pick up fresh fruits, vegetables and milk every 2 weeks with some money that is part of the monthly budget.

Make sure to check out my previous month’s meal planners for more tips and recipes for when it comes to monthly shopping! On a side note, we are trying to add more and more recipes that use the same general ingredients so that we can buy more items in bulk to try to save even more money, hopefully. The intent is to add enough variety in dishes that you don’t realize you are eating most of the same ingredients.  I also wanted to mention that there are great sites out there for couponing and daily deals, so you do not have to just shop at a big box retailer if you don’t want to.  Last month I also found a few gems at my local dollar style store and I am incorporating that savings this month.

I am happy to continue to share previous month’s meal planners.  I keep all the recipes, planners, and lessons on my blog, so please make sure to check out my Meal Planning Page for more tips and recipes for when it comes to monthly shopping from month’s past!

In this month’s free printable you will find my monthly meal planners complete with links, some of our family recipes that I compiled, a blank Costco shopping list, blank family shopping list, shopping lesson worksheets for educational purposes and so on! Hopefully this will help make your planning a little easier, more fun or at the very least, give you some new recipes. I will share my monthly meal planners with you each month as I create them for our family. Enjoy!

E.H.M. Monthly Meal Planner

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EHM Monthly Meal Planner 9

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