How To Succeed As An Educational Printables Business

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Posted on May 24 2013 - 5:00am by Jill
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It is with great anticipation and extreme excitement that I can finally announce that my new eBook How To Succeed As An Educational Printables Business is ready for purchase for anyone that is interested, thinking about, or currently starting up their online educational printables business. I created this eBook with the intention of helping other educational printable creators start their businesses because when I started mine there was not a product like this eBook out there anywhere for me to use and reference.  Over time I inquired almost everywhere I was participating, from forums, to Facebook communities, to my communities, the only response I seemed to get was “Wow, what a great idea.  When you find it let me know too.’  So, with the same enthusiasm I share with creating my printables, I set about the task of writing this eBook for the past 6 months from my personal experiences with starting my Enchanted Homeschooling Brand.

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In this book I discuss everything you may need to know about starting up your own educational printables business.  I help you with everything you need to know, try to help you avoid common pitfalls and mistakes, warn you about pitfalls I have gotten stuck in, and much much more.  I have written this eBook so that it is interactive with you completing worksheets as you read through the book.

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