Homeschooling Materials Wish List 2013 – 2014

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Posted on May 31 2013 - 5:00am by Jill
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One of the most common pitfalls of homeschooling is overspending when it comes to your homeschooling budget. Overspending or staying within our homeschooling budget is something that we all have to do. I have created this form for all of the items that I come across over the school year. After using this form for several years now I find that it saves me a tremendous amount of time since I no longer find myself trying to remember or track down a product that I was interested in purchasing. Enjoy!


My Homeschooling Materials Wish List, like most of my over 200+ printable creations, will be available through my E.H.M. Member’s Only Website for a one time lifetime fee of $15.00. Would you like to download this list? I know that everyone is busy researching and purchasing their materials for next school year so this printable will be available for free download by clicking the link below:

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Behind The Scenes

Make sure to check out the rest of my Behind The Scenes series that covers years of lesson planning. I will be adding to this series all throughout the summer.


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